End School Begin Summer

While this was probably the best year in school I have had I’m still very excited for a break and lots of free time this summer after we return from the Europe trip. This last Thursday was a kind of high point of the school year in terms of work and stress. From now until the last day of school (in two weeks) all my classes are wrapping up and we are preparing for some final exams. After that is the trip to Europe which is sneaking up on me. I’m very excited to see unique cities and have unforgettable experiences in those 3 weeks. Once I get get, I have so many things and hobbies I want to pursue. I am going to get my driver’s license in the couple weeks after we get back, I want to continue practicing guitar and getting better which I haven’t had time for lately. In addition I want to do some juggling, Rubik’s cube, handwriting, language learning, shorthand, maybe a job etc. There are just so many things I wish to do… I’m hopefully going to have a busy summer. :D

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