LatinCon 2016

Last weekend has got to be on of the most exciting and fun weekend I’ve ever had. I attended my first Latin State Convention at Rock Eagle. Ever since I started Latin this year, I’ve been looking forward to LatinCon and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. There latin onewere so many things to do that I kind of felt overwhelmed at first, but once I got my schedule down I tried to figure out how to get the most out of my three days there. My days consisted of exams, certamen, chariot races, roman processions, suspicious-looking cafeteria food, going to a dance, ending up stealing all the cookies at the dance and leaving to watch Japanese pro wrestling, playing Cards Against Humanity with Latin nerds, and chilling out by the lake at night. My time there was packed full of activities but looking back it seems like it went by so fast.

While I was there, I put my knowledge and weird facts of Latin to use in exams and certamen. Certamen, meaning contest or battle in Latin, is a quiz-bowl type game where teams of four compete for points by answering questions related to the Latin language, mythology, history, daily life, etc. The game combines knowledge with reaction time, as the certamenfirst person to buzz in with the correct answer earns the points and gives their team an opportunity to earn even more points in bonus questions. (kind of like Jeopardy!) I’m on the novice team at my school and focus more in the language category, which comes easiest to me. My team and I do certamen mostly for fun, so when we face off with hardcore teams like Northview or Walton, we don’t really have much of a chance. We did, however, get to the semi-finals and manage to score a few points, so I’m pretty happy.

Overall, I really loved this trip and it gave me a chance to explore what I love about Latin. I will definitely go back next year and maybe in my upperclassmen years attend National Convention. Unfortunately, I did not win any awards this year, but I’ll be prepared next year and bring home those ribbons!

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