Last weekend was the Georgia Junior Classical League Convention and I along with 23 other Latin students (including Nicholas) went to represent our school among 2000 other students. I went last year and this convention was just as fun. There were lots of activities, exams, and overall Latin fun. I won 4th place on the Ancient Geography exam and 3rd place in Modern Myth Creative Writing. I was hoping for the geography award yet the Modern Myth award was a total shock. I almost didn’t even enter the writing (Pollena’s Tears from a previous post) into the competition because I didn’t think it was any good. Apparently there weren’t many submissions. Anyways, it was fun and a great experience and I can’t wait for next year.

Next, I was giving another award! Yeah! This time… it was still for Latin but I don’t mind. :D The award was a Milton Honors Award for Latin 2 Honors. Last night, I went to a ceremony for these awards. It was pretty fun, we got some Mexican food afterwards…

That’s about it! I went to LatinCon and got a couple awards, then I came home and got an award.

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