Pollena’s Tears

Most classical myths either contain a lesson for how to act or a creation story for some aspect of nature. When I created this modern myth for Latin class, I decided to choose something relevant to me and modern humanity. The great terror and plight that is pollen…

Pollena was a beautiful and compassionate tree nymph of the forests of Italy, who was loved to wander through the woods and care for her plants, especially the flowers. One spring, while she was sleeping in the grass, she was startled by a group a men coming from a nearby town, trying to take a shortcut through the small forest. These men carelessly stomped over the flowers which Pollena had planted and watered just days before. When Pollena, who was watching these men from behind some nearby bushes, saw her poor flowers being trampled over, she froze. Because the flowers were so important to her and she was too shy to approach the men who unknowingly destroyed them, Pollena started crying yellow nymph tears, which also happen to carry magical powers of life-giving. Her cries were so loud and piercing that the men who crushed her flowers heard and went to look for her. When they found and approached her the men tried to calm her but to no avail. They soon grew tired as their attempts failed, and left quickly from the forest, becoming increasingly annoyed.

For many weeks Pollena cried and cried, and eventually the Olympians and all the nearby humans noticed the annoying and deafening screams as well as a more pressing matter. The flowers and plants which Pollena greatly cared for had gone untended and began to wilter. The gods and goddesses quickly brought together a meeting to find a solution to this problem. After much discussion and debate, Ceres volunteered to fix the issue, because is the one most affected by the damaged done to the plants in the world. She travelled to the forest and approached the young nymph, who continued to cry and shed  millions of tears. Ceres then inquired about why she was crying but like the men before her, she got no response other than the waterfall of yellow tears. After a lot of frustration and desperation, Ceres decided to turn Pollena into a tree in order to end the cries in a respectful and peaceful manner. The people and gods alike rejoiced at the peace and quiet.

Pollena, now in tree form, ceased to scream and yell because she was unable, but she was still very sad about her flowers, and was still able to cry which also annoyed the goddess and the citizens of the nearby town. So Ceres made of deal with the tree nymph, she was not allowed to cry, except during the season of spring, in which this whole ordeal took place, when she could let out her emotions without interference. Now, every spring, as Pollena remembers that traumatic time in her life, she cries floods of yellow tears, healing her flowers and bringing new plant life into the world, due to her magical tears flying throughout the Earth spreading her care. However, humanity, not caring about the good her tears do for nature, become irritated, remembering her cries and the great annoyance she caused the world.

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