Weekend at Last

This last week was a long one, not much going on with Testing or Project but as we are starting new units there is a lot of new information. I’m so happy it is finally the weekend and my mood improved even more when I was told next Wednesday would be a half-day which is always awesome. Here is some stuff that’s been going on…

Lately I’ve been getting very excited and interested in furthering my Japanese studies and have learned quite a bit of new and useful things. I seem to go through month-long phases of “favorite subject” switching between Japanese (usually) and Latin (sometimes), and now I feel like if I were to only choose one, I would definitely pick Japanese. Last week students from Hokuzan High School in Okinawa came for a 10 day stay in Milton as part of our sister-school partnership. It was neat to talk to and interact with these Japanese students as last year when another group stayed my Japanese skills were not sufficient.

All my other subjects have been going along fairly well, World History is interesting and very easy at times, but sometimes is draining and boring. Latin is going great, still doing more projects… In a couple weeks we will be going to the Georgia Latin Convention one weekend and I’m pretty excited for that. Chemistry is interesting and more applicable to real life during this unit so it’s far more engaging as we are learning about heat energy and heat transfer with problems relating to calories and calorimetry. Math is not my favorite class and this unit hasn’t changed this but its still fine. At last, there is Literature where we are starting to read Catcher in the Rye which many students seem to like but I find kind of off-putting as it seems the whole book is just Holden complaining about the things he doesn’t like. Anyways, school’s been good and my hobbies have been fun but I’m just so glad I can take a break from all that these two days.

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