Let’s go Eagles!

This year I became a Freshman at Milton High School and so far it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. On my first day of High School, I was so ready to start school and see my friends again after summer. All of my classes so far have been great and I have made so many new friends. By halfway through the first week of school, I had already filled up my after school schedule with different clubs and other extracurricular activities. I joined the Milton Latin Club, ran for office, and got elected class officer to represent my class in Officer Meetings. I signed up for Milton Model UN and got into my firstmhs_logo conference of the year at Georgia Tech that I will be attending next month as the delegation of Spain. I have also expressed interest in joining the Milton Swim and Dive team to get back into competitive swimming. I still need to get back into the water and get acquainted with the strokes again before the season starts in about a month. I’m really excited to be joining the Milton Swim and Dive team and I can’t wait to be back in the water again. But, overall school has been going pretty great so far.

So far I have attended two football games and they were some of the highlights of my first month at Milton. Although we lost the first game and the one after that and the one after THAT, it was still a lot of fun to goto the game and various tailgates beforehand. During the first game of the year, Latin Club has their annual Toga Tailgate where all the Latin Club members can come play cornhole, eat food, and listen to music. I had a lot of fun wearing togas and hanging out with friends. And, I got to hang out with my squad of friends at the game afterwards. The second game that I went to, which was last Friday, was just as if0810SDMp60-68-image002 (1) not more fun. A couple hours after I got home, I walked back to school with some friends and went to the big tailgate that is open for everyone. They had a few dozen hot dogs and a huge shrimp cocktail. (Awesome, right?) After hanging out at the tailgate for awhile, my friends and I decided to wander around until the game started. We went to watch the Marching Band perform a mini show in front of the school and they sounded amazing. I know I’m a little biased, but the Milton Marching Band is probably one of the best marching bands in the state. Then, we hurried back to the field because in honor of September 11th, two skydivers parachuted down onto the field sporting an American flag and the football that would start the game.

I have had so much fun at the football games and Milton High School as a whole. And, I can’t wait until I start swimming and am able to represent Milton in a way more than just academics.

Why Latin?

Every there is an acemdemic program in Valdosta State called GHP (The Governor’s Honors Program). Students are selected by their teachers for various subjects. In Latin, my teacher assigned an essay explaining why we chose Latin, in order to decided who is selected to interview for GHP. This is my essay, I did get selected… so yay.

For a language that is consider to be “dead”, it’s pretty amazing that I used Latin everyday of my life. While I may not speak or read it daily, studying Latin has affected how I think and communicate in English, so in that way I use it all the time. For example, I know Latin has helped me become a better writer. Why? Because studying another language, especially Latin, with its complex grammar, makes me think about how a sentence is put together, and makes me focus on the clarity and conciseness of my ideas. Also, Latin has helped me become a better reader. I use Latin whenever I come across a new word, usually in English class, but often in books and movies as well, to figure out what the word or phrase it means.

There were many reasons that I chose to study Latin. Firstly, and probably the most influential, is my fascination with the history, traditions and languages of other cultures. When I discovered that Latin was a class not only about the language but also the culture, history, people, and mythology of a great classical society, I was sold. In contrast, when I took Spanish in middle school there was such a push for conversation and small talk that we missed what I consider the greatest thing about learning another language, the culture. Another important influence is most likely my older brother, who took Latin for three years in high school and loved it. When I saw how much he enjoyed the class and the study of Latin I assumed there must be some reason. Although at the beginning of my Freshman year I was somewhat skeptical of whether or not I would enjoy the class, I now see why it made him (and now me) so excited. I’m getting to learn about a new language and culture, with peers who are interested in similar things as me, by a teacher who loves these things as well and enjoys teaching about them. What’s not to love?

The things I like the most about the classics are history and geography. I have always had an interested in history and maps. When I was very little my dad gave me some of the worn pages of the historical atlas he used in high school; the sheets were battered and they were without a cover. But I still enjoyed studying these maps, and discovered a new detail every time I looked at them. What got me interested in this topic was thinking about how it would be to live in the kingdoms and empires shown on the pages. In this atlas there were plenty of maps of Rome and all the provinces, and I was always amazed me by the size and vastness of the Empire.

If I were to create a project, it would be to make a map of the Roman Empire with all the provinces labeled with a little description about each region (including exports, famous structures, cities, famous events, etc.). This project would definitely be related to something I’m interested in. And it would make for a nice presentation, possibly having the descriptions be physical things attached to the map (small models and materials for example).

After I graduate from high school, I plan to take some Latin classes in college. And whatever subject I choose for my major, I would love to use my knowledge of Latin some way in my career. Because I am interested in the field of Linguistics, Latin will be very helpful to know and understand for vocabulary and grammar points not fully present in English such as declensions, genders, conjugation, and cases. Latin will also come in handy if I decide to learn a Romance language, providing an excellent base for vocabulary.

Latin is by far my favorite subject. I love everything about it: the translation stories and characters, the extracurricular activities, the other students in my class, the teacher, the declension songs, the mythology, the history, and more. Latina est mirifica!