Room Refurbishing

Last weekend I moved into a room with my brother Alexander. The reason why is that we have two bedrooms for my two brothers and I. One of the rooms is a small single bedroom and the other is a bonus room big enough to hold 4 beds. Since two of us have to share a room we take turns in our own room. For the last year I was in the single room, but this summer it is my brother, Connor’s, turn. When i moved into the bonus room I didn’t have much on my side, so I had to go a buy some furniture like a nightstand and a table before I could unpack my things. The next day I drove to Ikea with my dad to pick out some furniture. We already had some things in mind like a three drawer birch nightstand and a glass table with a metal edge that my brother, Alexander already has in the room. Since we already knew what we were looking for we went straight to the warehouse area in the store to look for furniture. All of the furniture was already in cardboard packaging and there were 20 aisles, so we looked on the computer to search for them. We couldn’t find the furniture on the computer because you couldn’t search for descriptions like 3 drawer birch nightstand, you had to search for the name of the product which we had no idea because they were all Swedish names. With our search failed we had to go back up to the showroom to look for the items. After searching it turns out the the table and nightstand were not being sold anymore, so I had to choose a different nightstand and table. We looked through the showroom one more time and I decided on a birch table top called “Limmon,” a black chair called “Torkel,” a green night stand called “Mikie,” and a whiteboard called “Kvissle.” Finally we went back down to the warehouse and found all of the furniture except the Kvissle (whiteboard). We searched for it and found out that it was back in Marketplace a level up, so my dad went to get it while I watched our cart. While I was sitting there waiting a saw a small storage shelf called “Expedit” that I thought would work perfect for a  nightstand, and I already had boxes from Ikea that would fit perfectly in there. When my dad came back with the whiteboard I told him and we switched out the Mikie with the Expedit and we were finally done. We loaded up the car with the boxes and drove home. When we finally got the boxes upstairs I started to build the nightstand and my dad and brother started on my whiteboard. By the time I finished my nightstand (which turned out great) it was time for the best dinner ever Wiener Schnitzel with baked potatoes and beets. After dinner I came up and built my chair while my dad built my table. In about 30 minutes everything was done and I could finally unpack and settle into my room.

These are pictures I took of the furniture I got.

This is my nightstand (I built this)

This is my chair. (I built it)

This is my table (my dad built it)

This is my whiteboard (my dad built it)



Life Guard Training

This last week I’ve had the opportunity to take a course on life guarding. It was a very fun experience and I think it is good to get a job where the is some kind of skill involved, as opposed to being a bagger at Publix or something like that.

It was a week long course in which I learned the basics of how to scan the pool, how to find at risk swimmers, and how to take care of your pool. Obviously I also learned how to pull people out of the water and perform CPR, but after learning everything I realized that those skills are not the majority of a life guard’s job.

The first things I became qualified in were CPR, emergency oxygen and first aid. Not only are these things required to get a job as a life guard, but they are also useful in everyday emergencies. If you know what you are doing you have less of a chance of freezing up and not being able to help. I also participated in a physical competency test, which I passed (somehow). To be a life guard you obviously have to be able to pull someone out of the water. Something that surprised me is that much time was spent on legal consequences and how not to get sued. I guess in this day and age where anyone can sue for anything, you have to be informed about that kind of stuff.

All the actual rescue maneuvers came afterwards.

I hope I can get a job as substitute somewhere in a neighborhood nearby. It’s already about halfway through the summer so I not so sure I can get a full time job. It’ll be very interesting.


Towards the end of the school year I got a soprano ukulele. I saw some kids at school playing theirs and I thought I could try. I have really enjoyed it and have learned many cool riffs and chords. The first thing I did was learn the basic chords (G major, C major, and F major) and then I practiced strum techniques and changing between those chords. Weeks later I can play much more chords and have a lot better strumming. I could then play some simple songs such as the Gilligan’s Island Theme. Now I can play some more “difficult” things. I like to play House of the Rising Sun, Mad World (Gary Jules), Stairway to Heaven Riff, Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo?ole), and I Wish I could Shake Like My Sister Kate. I am still really enjoy practicing every day and I hope I can become very good at it some day.

The Rabbit Proof Fence

A couple of week before school ended my class watched a movie called The Rabbit Proof Fence. It was about 3 girls in Australia that were half-castes (a child of an Aborigine and a English person). Since they were half-castes they were sent to a camp called Moore River to be trained to become maids. The day after they got there they escaped with a tracker right behind them. The reason the movie is called The Rabbit Proof Fence is because they follow the Rabbit Proof Fence (click here the learn more) to try to get home. When we finished watching the movie in class we were assigned to write a paper about the movie. This is mine.

Rabbit Proof Fence

The Rabbit Proof Fence was not only a heart-warming, suspenseful movie, but it also had lots of information on Australia if you listened closely at the right spots. The Aborigines already had a hard enough life to deal with, before their children got taken away. They had to live off rations from the English and barely wore rags for clothes. The half castes at Moore River were treated very unfairly. I am sure that the thought of escaping went to every child’s mind, but none of them did because they saw what happened to the ones who tried. The reason Molly, Daisy, and Gracie escaped was because they were smart and knew the rain would wash away their tracks and were persistent. One of the most informational parts of this movie was when a guy they met on their journey showed the girls that the Rabbit Proof fence is approximately 3,253 kilometers long and is split into three fences. Overall I thought this movie was a great movie that if anyone had the time should watch.

(red line) Fence No.1

(green line) Fence No. 2

(purple line) Fence No. 3

(blue line) Route taken in movie

Mother Teresa’s Beer to Save Humanity

For a school project I and some fellow group members were tasked with creating a video in which we advertise a product. What the product did was assigned along with the project. We had to design a product that would give nutrition to children around the world. This is what we came up with.


Student Service Learning

Last time I posted a persausive essay about selling a product, this time it’s about volunteer work. It shows what some benefits are for you and your community. I had to include in-text citations as most of the points for the grade.So I got to learning how to do that.

   If you were to look back at your high school years what you may think about are the football games you attended or the hard classes you took, but what if you thought of the building you help construct or the vacant lot you cleaned up. We believe that mandatory community service should be a part of every high school’s curriculum. “The purpose of SSL [Student Service Learning] is to address community needs in a way that reinforces curriculum goals because they arm students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude for productivity in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world” (Koenig). There are other reasons to make this requirement worthwhile. First, the community would get the attention it might need and be cleaned and maintained. Secondly, it would give the high schoolers a better perspective of their community and life outside of high school. And finally, the students would have more opportunities to meet new students or community members. Community service mandatory for students in high school is very beneficial and should implemented immediately.

   Have you ever help clean something? Isn’t it nicer to be in that place after it’s cleaned? With this new requirement, communities around the schools would get more attention and therefore be cleaner and nicer. Dirty streets could be ten times cleaner in a couple of months if all the student joined in. The community could have a new basketball court or garden. The possibilities are endless for nice additions to the community. A cleaner town is a pro for this requirement, but these benefits are not just for the town area. It is also for the students.

   The students could have a better understanding about the people outside of high school. They would learn social and working skills which could help them in college, and later in life. They could even learn specific skills such as gardening or home repair. The students would get a better perspective of life outside school and how their older community members live day to day. These new friends could help them go through stressful times. The students could benefit from the old people’s experiences. This new requirement could give students more perspective of their community but there is more to meeting new community members that would help the students.

   “By participating in service projects, students forge bonds with each other, as well as other members of the community. These bonds enhance their interpersonal skills and increase their social network” (Benefits of Student Participation). Another advantage of community service is the opportunities which will present themselves with the meeting of company owner or shop managers. These people could set you up with a job during college if you go nearby. Participating students will also meet other students when doing their hours. These students could become their new friends or help them through tough situations. This would be a great way to make friends because you’re sharing an important experience by help your community together. Without a doubt, community service is a great way to meet new people and make good friends.

   The benefits of mandatory community service for high school students are plentiful. These benefits include more attention to the community, which in turn makes it a nicer place, giving students a better perspective of life and the people outside their school, and more opportunities to meet and forge bonds with the members of their community. All of these reasons make mandatory community service a great way to improve the community and the students.

The Persistence of Memory (The Nick Period)

My last project I was assigned at school was a choice assignment with 7 choices, but I chose to reconstruct a painting in my own style and write facts about the painter or the period. The painter that I chose was Salvador Dali and his painting the Persistence of Memory.

Salvador Dalí

The artist that I chose was Salvador  Dalí. He was born in Figueres, Spain on May 11th, 1904. Salvador Dalí was not only a painter, but he was a sculptor, filmmaker, and writer. His older brother, who died before he was born, had the same name. His most famous painting was The Persistence of Memory. Salvador Dalí began studying art before he was a teenager. Dalí is most known as a surrealist painter, but he also painted some cubism paintings. Dalí once worked on a cartoon with Roy Disney called “Destino.”

He was the leader of the Surrealism movement, but later got expelled. Strangely enough Salvador Dalí was afraid of grasshoppers. Salvador work as a set and costume designer for the historical play, “Mariana Pineda.”

Macbeth Literary Analysis

In Literature class I was assigned an essay assignment in which we were supposed to choose one text that we had read that year and complete a literary analysis. This is when you take both in-text information and historical facts and use it to synthesize a conclusion about the book. Mine was on Macbeth and how the dagger symbolized his character.

There is something about a dagger that affects peoples’ minds in a way that is different from other weapons. Many authors have referred to the dastardly and grievous characteristics of this killing tool. It’s symbolic value can be utilized by many different aspects of a story. Shakespeare’s decision in using this weapon was because of what it symbolizes and represents, and many different interpretations can be drawn as to why Macbeth envisioned a dagger and not another weapon of the era. The easiest of the these interpretations is that the dagger portrays betrayal and silent execution, and Macbeth foresees the oncoming act of sabotage. Another exegesis is that the dagger was used to represent how the act was so easily carried out, and that since anyone could have done it the murder was inevitable, with most of the blame falling on Duncan himself. Another view is that the dagger represents Macbeth’s desire for power; that power is what he sees, but in the form of this weapon. All three of these rationales give extra insight to what Shakespeare meant when he wrote Macbeth.

Macbeth, while planning to kill Duncan, recognizes his own treachery, and perhaps his mind portrayed a dagger because of this. Many famous pieces of literature have used the dagger as a symbol for deceit, but it was Charles Dickens who first coined the term “cloak and dagger.” In Tales of the Riots of ‘eighty he wrote, “If I had a dagger within these fingers and he was within my reach, I would strike him dead, even now!” In literature, daggers are often associated with night operations and sneaky saboteurs. A dagger is small, and can be concealed in a cloak or pocket, and getting it into a secure place is not as difficult as with other weapons. Its place in the world of arms will always be the silent killer, and Macbeth was committing a silent murder. Macbeth’s mind chose a dagger because of his guilty conscience. Whether or not a dagger would be used to killed Duncan is irrelevant, but the dagger’s showing of itself in a vision shows the reader how Macbeth himself feels about the act.

Another view postulates that the dagger represents the inevitability of Duncan’s murder and a major flaw in Duncan’s character. Apart from being a weapon, people used daggers as knives: tools for cutting rope and meat. It provided two purposes: utility and protection. The dagger was the handgun of the medieval world. Commoners were allowed daggers on their persons as a form of security. The dagger was not designed as a confrontational device but as a secondary defense. (Vail) Because of its supposed harmlessness, medieval laws allowed for very loose distribution of the weapon. (Underwood) Anyone could get their hands on one. If a lowly commoner could acquire a dagger, what was to stop anyone from going to Duncan in his sleeping and killing him? Maybe Macbeth envisioned a dagger so the reader could easily understand that the murder of Duncan was a repercussion of his own carelessness and complete faith in his subjects. This flaw is reiterated earlier when Duncan makes the ironic mistake of feeling secure inside Macbeth’s castle. He was going to his death but he would have never suspected that one of his kin would do such a thing. Thus the dagger points to more of a flaw in Duncan than a flaw in Macbeth.

The dagger could have also been a symbol for the power that Macbeth desires. Although most commonly associated with sabotage, the dagger also represents power in many art mediums and cultures. In the story of Macbeth, the protagonistic thane is torn between killing his best friend, and gaining the ultimate title in Scotland. What he truly desires is the position of king, not the killing of Duncan, so perhaps the dagger is only a stand-in for the amorphous idea of ruling the country. Along history, many rulers and cultures have used daggers as symbols of power and wealth. The Egyptian pharaohs possessed ornate daggers of rare gold and iron that were buried with them in their tombs. These daggers portrayed the immense wealth and power of the owner. (Darnell) The Minoan people of the Aegean Sea were some of the first people to make daggers with metal. The common tools and daggers owned by citizens were made of brass, but the higher classes owned bronze and iron daggers. (Hogan) Even in modern times certain militaries around the world use the dagger as a symbol of rank, and many generals wear dress daggers, known as stilettos, which show that they are in command. (Rosignoli) In this case Macbeth envisions a dagger as an emblem of power because it is what he desires and how he must obtain it.

When one thinks of a dagger the mind immediately jumps to deceit and treachery, but perhaps Shakespeare meant more than that when he wrote Macbeth and added the scene of the ethereal dagger. Maybe he was referencing Macbeth’s guilt about the planned murder of Duncan, and using the dagger as a symbol of betrayal to get the message across. Or perhaps he was in fact characterizing Duncan, by showing the reader that anyone could have and would have committed the murder of the king, putting Duncan at fault for his own demise. Maybe he just used a dagger because he couldn’t visually describe power, and he needed Macbeth to create what he desired in his mind in order to fulfill his vision of a complete story. All three of these propositions give an extra point of view to what Macbeth really means. The symbolism of the dagger is an important part of the story not only because of the plot, but because of the way it paints the characters in its bloody light.

Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes!

This year in Language Arts we wrote a persuasive essay promoting a product of our choosing. Then we would choose certain ways to promote it (ex. celebrity endorsement). I choose a potato and I used Mickey Mouse to help me. Here it is.

   Do you love Mickey Mouse? Yeah! Do you love potatoes? Even if you don’t, I am sure you’ll love Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes. Here at MoJo Incorporated we’ve discovered a new ingredient we call MoJuice. With our new product you can enjoy flavor-enhanced potatoes and become popular from the magic MoJuice. Also, Mickey Mouse loves the Magic Potato, and encourages  kids to try it. Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes are a great way to enjoy potatoes, become better at everything, and be like Mickey! But, how tasty are they?

   Haven’t you had enough with boring, yucky potatoes? Well, Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes are flavor- enhanced to make eating potatoes awesome! Just imagine sitting on your balcony one sunny morning eating a variety of cooked, baked, and boiled Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes with your best friend. Little birds are humming and tweeting around you. But wait, is this flavor enhancer safe to eat? Of course! MoJuice is tested and approved by the FDA and even benefits your health. Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes are made in the USA and for the USA! Is it well liked and inexpensive? Let’s find out!

   97.8% of all kids who eat Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes are happier and have more friends than those who did not. 67.3% of kids run faster and 73.5% of kids are smarter! Why? This is because of MoJuice’s “magical” properties which are like no other! AND, in some rare cases it can make you grow Mickey Mouse ears! Are these surveys true? We’ve surveyed over 60 schools around the nation! And that’s not all! If you order in the next 30 minutes we will send you a complimentary pack of Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potato Seeds! Now you can grow your own Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes right at home. Now we have a special message from yours truly.

   “Hi, I’m Mickey Mouse and I love Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes. I like to just sit at my table in the afternoons and enjoys a fresh Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potato. Everyone eats them! Even Goofy loves them! Aren’t Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes just great?”

   Mickey Mouse’s Magic Potatoes are a tasty, magic, Mickey Mouse treat. Who wouldn’t want to be cool, run fast, and be smart? Those are only a few of the “magical” side effects of MoJuice. All of our happy customers urge you to try one! Try just one, and life will change for the better.

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Student

A couple of months ago when school was still in I got an assignment to write a paper of on of the 7 habit of a highly effective student. I chose the habit, “Put First Things First.” This is my essay I wrote. Enjoy!


Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with school and homework, I leave things to the last minute. When this happens, I get frustrated and might even lose some of my papers. One way I can help solve this problem is to “put first things first”; this is one of the Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Student. To do this I can get my homework organized first thing before I start getting a snack or doing other activities. Organization and time management are two very important factors in being a highly effective student.

For example, I might procrastinate on my projects and papers to the last minute because I get distracted by crafts like drawing and model making. Or I might start talking or fighting with my brother and forget I have work to do.

Something I could do to help this situation is to make a schedule. I don’t really do my homework in an organized way. Instead of writing down my homework in my agenda , I just try to remember what I had to do for the day. If I put first things first, I could use a calendar to plan dates and show what part of a project or paper I should work on that day.

Another problem is that I don’t have a definite place, like a folder or divider, to keep and coordinate my papers in case I need them for a later project. This weekend my mom will help me set up some folders for classwork and papers. This way I can find what I need at a later time.

Following these ideas can help me develop the habit of putting first things first. I will push myself to reach these goals, and hopefully this will make me feel more in control of not just my schoolwork, but all types of work.