Last week in Spanish we went to the computer lab to doa fun little activity. In this activity we were to type up a series of adjective about us in Spanish and inter it into a website called Tagxedo. Tagxedo is a website were you can make word art in certain shapes and colors. I was really interested so when I got home I went there and found out how to make custom shapes. Here are a few examples of the ones I made. (I used Wikipedia for all the words so there are some weird words like HTTP or WWW). I just thought this was really cool. It can be found here.

The December Show

For the end of the year the school drama program put on a show called the December Show. It is a short collection of skits that are all Christmas themed. We started working on it many weeks ago, coming up with different ideas for skits and stuff. We only started really working on it the week of the show, however. The first night of the show was pretty fun. We did some skits and people laughed. It was all very good fun. Something bad did happen though. One of the actors, Tyler, split his forehead on a white board in the wings and got a concussion, so I and some others had to fill in for some of the roles he played the second night. I was in two scenes: an Antarctic one where a polar bear gives me a coke, and an Australian one where I look for a pet but then get attacked by a koala. Overall it was a very fun experience and I am glad to have been able to be part of it. I liked helping out backstage and watching the other skits too. It was a good show and we made people laugh really hard as well.

Singing and Stringing

Last Thursday I had my first concert in Middle School. For the last five months I have been playing and practicing the Violin in orchestra class. Just two weeks ago I found out I was having a concert on December 6th, with the 6th grade Chorus. The orchestra was playing seven pieces. The first one we played was “Port Royal Round.” We played the song together once and then split up into different parts for the round: Cello and Basses, Violas, 2nd Violins, and 1st Violins (I’m in this group). The next song we played was “Ode to Joy.” This song we played line A together once and then half of the orchestra went to line B. Third, we played a song called “Arctic Circle.” We did the same thing with this song as we did to “Port Royal Round”, but this time the 1st violins started. Then, we played a song called “Up On the Housetop.” We played this song like we played “Ode to Joy.” After that, we played “Jingle Bells.” This song was different the first time through we pizzicato (pluck the strings) and then the second time we played with the bows. We did the same thing with the next song “Dreidel.” The last song we played was “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” This song was weird because the Chorus was singing the melody while we were playing something like a line B. I really enjoyed this concert and hope the next one comes soon.

Learning to Juggle

This school year at my school we have seminars. Basically during pride (homeroom) we go to our seminar which we chose at the beginning of the year. I chose juggling. Juggling is very difficult when you start but once you start to learn it gets easier. Also our juggling teacher (also my math teacher) is offering to order us some juggling balls if we bring him the money. The ones I’m getting are three Rasta, crocheted balls. I can juggle for a few seconds but then I drop them. I hope I will get better and better!


A while ago I wrote this paper in S.S. class. I had to choose a country and find out about its culture, food, holidays, etc. This is what I wrote.

A picture of some Goulash.

First, I’m going to talk about the sports they play in Hungary. Hungarians really enjoy water sports. These sports include swimming, water polo, and canoeing. Other than water sports, some of the world’s best sabre fencing athletes having been born in Hungary.

Hungarians, as most people, enjoy holidays! Many of Hungary’s holidays are the same, but some are unique. Farsang (kind of like Mardi Gras) begins the season’s formal dances and parties until they end on Ash Wednesday. Easter Monday is one of the most important religious holidays in Hungary. Women’s Day, another holiday, takes place on March 8th. During Women’s Day, men give flowers to women both at home and work. August 20 is St Stephen’s day! In the year 1000, Hungary’s first king St Stephen (Istvan) was crowned.

Finally, we can move onto the food! Hungary has different names for different variations of food. For example any stew with sour cream is called paprikash. The Hungarian diet is heavily based on meat. The most famous Hungarian dish is called Goulash. I’ts a stew or soup made with meat, onion, potatoes, and seasoned with paprika.

A New Gaming Rig

A Zotac GTX 570. This was the card I put in my computer.

For a long time I have wanted to get a new computer for gaming, so after saving up for a very long time I was finally able to get a really nice one on Black Friday. It is custom built, so my dad and I went out and bought all the parts separately and we had to put it together in order for it to work. We planned out what we were going to get on Black Friday since we had to get there early to stand in line. We went to Microcenter because they had the best deals. We waited in line and we got fast CPUs, motherboards, water cooling systems, RAM, and I got a cool graphics card. After we bought the goods I realized that I had forgotten the power supply so we stopped by Fry’s and had to go through a lot of trouble to get it price-matched, since Mircocenter had it for way less. Of course it was dead when we plugged it in, so we went back, returned it, and just got another brand. The assembly took a couple of hours, but it was really cool to see how the parts fit together and how everything worked the way they did. We also found a cool case down in the basement. The completed thing was an awesome sight. We took it upstairs to my room and plugged all fifty million cables into it. (I didn’t do any cable management so it kind of looks like a jungle.) With the new power supply it worked like a charm. I’m glad we did this because this computer will probably remain current for five or six years. (Which is a lot when it comes to the rapidly advancing technological area.) Overall I think it is a very cool event and I thank my dad for helping me out a lot.