Bamboo Unicycle Bowls

Yesterday was the coolest day ever! We drove downtown to this really nice sushi place called Ra Sushi. It was awesome! I got a Rainbow Roll, California Roll, and a Shrimp Tempura Roll. My favorite was the Rainbow Roll though. It has some nice tuna and salmon strips on top. The tea was unusual. It had a blackberry flavor that I didn’t like very much but it was alright. But after that the night just began. We took a short drive over to the Cirque Du Soleil tent around the corner. The show started out with these “clowns” going around and entertaining people before the show. They weren’t real clowns, they were characters who were from some of the acts, There were so many scenes and tricks I can’t describe them all. My favorite one was the bamboo unicycle bowls scene. Basically it started out with these five girls on tall bamboo unicycle riding in with five or six bowls balanced on their heads. But that wasn’t enough, they then took one bowl off their head, balanced it on one of their feet (remember, their on unicycles and had to keep it form falling over by going back and for with ONE foot) and kicked it into the air and caught of the stack of bowls on their head! They kept tossing them to each other and back for a good seven minutes or so. I was absolutely amazed! That wasn’t the only completely min-boggling thing they did. But it was probably my favorite!

Cirque du Soleil

Yesterday my family and I went to see Cirque du Soleil. Their latest show is called “Totem.” During the show there were so many visually engaging acts. There was one where five Chinese acrobats rode unicycles and tossed bowls that they balanced on their head  to one another. Personally my favorite act was the one in the science lab. When one guy came in with his monkey, other people in lab coats were playing the music on test tubes. A girl was using

small test tubes as a flute. Another guy was using bowls and large test tubes as drums, while the last guy was using sticks and filled beakers to play more music. The guy with his monkey took out a glowing rock that he acquired earlier in the show. He put it in some kind of machine with balls in it. The balls immediately lit up. The guy then got in this big triangular beaker. While his monkey threw in the glowing balls. The guy then starting juggling the balls in a kind of no gravity way. He did this for the rest of the act which never got boring. So far this has been the best and first professional live show I’ve ever been too. I can’t wait till i get to see another show of Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil

Last night was pretty awesome. Between the sushi and the cirque it was probably the best event this year. It started out with a trap downtown to Ra Sushi Bar & Restaurant. It’s a really cool sushi place that plays good music and serves good sushi. I ate two rainbow rolls, a crunchy calamari roll, and mooched off of everyone else’ sushi. The best looking roll was the Viva Las Vegas Roll, which had crunchy Orange “chips” on top of a bed of crab salad and a fried sushi roll. The tea was also very god, as it had some blackberry leaves in it r something to give it some flavor. After sushi, we got in our car, drove to another parking lot, and walked over to the Cirque du Soleil tent. It was a massive blue and yellow tent. We went inside and waited for the show to start, and some show it was! There were frogs flipping around on a big bone cage, a man in a crystal suit that reflected light like a disco ball, a man with a light in his hat, a funny Italian, men in suits balancing on polls, Indians with hula-hoops, roller-skaters, and so much more. It was really amazing and at many points I was actually afraid that some of the performers would die. Oh, and the bowls. There were some ladies on tall unicycles with bowls on their head who threw the bowls onto each other’s heads and they caught the bowls in so many crazy ways. Crazy! Absolutely awesome!

Black Comedy

I am part of the drama department at my school. We do three shows during the first semester. The first was a musical, Pippin. The second was a one act show, Mother Hicks. I was part of the black box show, Black Comedy. Black Comedy is about a poor artist who can’t afford nice furniture so he steals his neighbor’s to impresses both a visiting art collector and his fiancee’s father. After a fuse blows and all the lights are lost, he must scramble to fix the problem before the collector shows up, along with other interesting obstacles along the way, like the neighbor and his ex-girlfriend. I played the artist and I really enjoyed being part of the show. It turned out really well and although it was fun I am glad it is over. Still, I’d love to do another show because working with people on a performance is a very fun thing. It’s a good feeling to get up in front of people and make them laugh or cry. Also, a lot of work went into the show so I am glad it came out well because now I have some product of the work to admire. It was a very good experience and now looking back I wish I could do it again, but better.

Connor’s Cube Status Update


Sweet! I just got a new Rubik’s Cube but… it’s not a Rubik’s Cube. It is a Dayan Zhinchi Cube. This is the one on the picture in my last post. It is AWESOME! It’s really smooth and is sticker-less. With this new cube my record is 1:41. That’s about a 50 second improvement of my previous 2:34. My short-term goal is to get under 1:30. My long-term goal is to go under 1:00. Well, I am still working on my speed-solving and having fun. BYE!

Candy Bomber Response

In L.A. class we read and annotated a book called The Candy Bomber. We had to write a letter to Lt. Gale Halverson’s (a.k.a. The Candy Bomber) parents, while pretending we we’re the Candy Bomber. Here is what I wrote.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m writing to you from the Rhein-Main Air force base. Ever since I gave those two sticks of double mint gum to the kids, my life has altered.

I felt bad that not all of the kids could have some gum, so I told them I would drop some from my airplane. They asked “How will we know it is you?” I said I would wiggle my wings, and one girl asked, “Vhat is viggle?”

After my first drop, other people started helping out and donating candy. We named it “Operation Little Vittles” after “Operation Vittles.” At the moment we have 6,500 pounds of sweets in a jail cell with guards. We’re getting ready for the next drop. Talk to you soon.

Your Son, Gale