Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder, or RDB, is a disorder that defines the part in your brain malfunctioning, causing a certain symptom. Your brain can no longer paralyse your body when you are sleeping, thus, you act out your dreams in real time while you sleep.These movements can be anything from simple waving of the arms to full body movement such as running around or jumping.

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Danube Postcard

 This is a postcard I had to do for one of my projects in Social Studies. Enjoy! And it might look weird because I had to change to format of the postcard. 

Dear Mrs. McElroy,

Hello and greetings from the Danube River. The weather is delightful and the river is stunning. Did you know that the Danube River is Europe’s second longest river after the Volga River? It also contains 7 species of fish that are found nowhere else on Earth! The Danube flows through these 10 different countries, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. The Danube stretches 2,850 km (1770 mi.) in length, 1.5 km (1 mi.) in width, and about 8 meters deep. The basin of the Danube provides a home for over 83 million people. The Danube River begins in The Black Forest and ends in The Black Sea. The Danube River is also home to the planet’s largest reed bed field going at 625,000 acres. The River runs through 4 country capitals, Vienna, Austria, Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Belgrade, Serbia. The first Hungarian king was crowned on the ice of the Danube River. The delta of the river called, the Danube Delta, is a sanctuary to over 60% of the world’s amount of pygmy cormorants, a bird, and is currently the home for the largest number of white and dalmatian pelicans in Europe.

                                                                                                                                                                           Sincerely, Nicholas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Danube River.






Science! – Twinkie Compression Lab

Last week my science class had been assigned a lab. The object of the lab was to find out how many times did it take to flatten a Twinkie by dropping a textbook. This is my report…


Problem Statement

How many textbooks drops does it take to compress an average Twinkie to less than 1cm flat?


Research/Background Information

Compression is the act of pressing together or forcing into a small space. The ingredients in the sponge cake are a factor in the experiment. The cream and the cake are filled with a lot of air and therefore a lot easier to compress.



The Independent Variable of this experiment is the amount of times the textbooks is dropped on the Twinkie. The Dependent Variable is the height of the Twinkie after compression. The Constants are the weight of the textbook, the textbook drop height, and the Twinkie.



If the textbook is dropped on the Twinkie 3 times then the height of the Twinkie will be less than 1cm tall.



The materials you need for this experiment are a textbook, ruler, Twinkie, paper plate, paper towel, safety goggles, and an apron.


Procedural Steps

1. Put on all safety gear and gather materials.

2. Cover textbook with paper towels.

3. Place Twinkie on paper plate.

4. Measure and record height of Twinkie before drops.

5. Drop textbook 30cm above Twinkie.

6. Measure and record Twinkie. If the Twinkie is more than 1cm flat, repeat step 5 and then 6.

7. Clean lab space.


Summary and Conclusion

The problem I was trying to test was how many textbooks drops does it take to compress an average Twinkie to less than 1cm flat. To test I measured a Twinkie and dropped a textbook on it as many times as we could until it was less than 1cm tall. I gathered the data with a ruler by measuring the Twinkie after every drop. I recorded this data on a chart. The data I collected said it takes 4 drops for the Twinkie to be compressed to less than a centimeter tall. I also recorded that the first drop had a bigger difference than the other 3 drops and that the cream in the Twinkie made it stick to the towel on the textbook. In the end my hypothesis was rejected because I said it only takes 3 drops of the textbook to compress the Twinkie, but I discovered it takes 4 drops of a textbook on a Twinkie for it to be compressed to less than a centimeter.