Six Glasses Essay

This was summer work for my AP World History class. I had to read a book over the summer and write a comparative essay.

There are many moments in history when times change and take a turn for better or worse. Changes that are detested are known as disasters, and changes that improve the quality of life are called miracles. The miracle of discovery happens often in our timeline. Three such important discoveries of three world-affecting beverages took place fairly recently in human history. These three drinks — spirits, tea, and coffee — affected the world in which we live in major ways. For example, spirits allowed the colonization of new continents, tea became the backbone of the industrial revolution, and coffee changed the way people communicated and learned.  All three beverages created change in political standings, affected the economy, and developed and challenged significant aspects of our culture.

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Extended Metaphors!

Last week I had a project in Language Arts. The project was to write some extended metaphors. Basically we wrote similes and metaphors in a free verse poem, actually five mini free verses. Well anyways, here it is (with some pictures).



When I swim, I am a dolphin.

The water fears and also envies me.

I leave it shaking in my wake.

When I draw, I am a god.

My creations bow to their generous creator.

I make the skies of diamond shine like the sun.

No one challenges my skills.

If I were an animal, I would be a monkey.

I climb quickly and chow on bananas.

I can jump like a rocket and run like a car.

If I were a fruit, I would be an orange.

I am sweet and tangy. People love my bitter

yet flavorful skin in their fancy dishes.

If I were a shoe, I would be a flip flop.

People like my relaxed but strong characteristics.

I am perfect for most any situation.

Quotation Response

Hello all! I’m Nicholas as you may know and I am about to show you something I did in my Language Arts class. This project was called a Quotation Response. I basically had to choose between two different quotes from to different people. The first quote was “I have no special talent I am just passionately curios” said by Albert Enstien, or I could choose this quote by Winston Churchill “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” I chose the quote by Churchill and this is what I made out of it.

Winston Churchill stated, “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope,” to the worried people of Great Britain. Churchill was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain. He made this statement because during this time London was getting bombed almost everyday. Churchill was known for his extraordinary, dazzling, and inspiring speeches. I think this quote means that achieving goals like freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, and hope are not hard, but actually simple, because sometimes choosing these things is the only right thing to do.

If someone said the same thing today, I think most people would understand what they are talking about.  Because even though the world is different many ways, people still believe in the same things, like freedom and hope.

Personally I agree with what Churchill said. Some words have so much meaning that if you say them it makes a picture in a person’s mind, and they know exactly what you are talking about without having to say too much.

10th Grade

I have just recently started my sophomore year at Milton high school. It’s nice to see my friends again but I know that it’s going to be a hard year, with all my advanced classes. I have Pre-Calculus Accelerated Honors, AP World History (a college level class), Latin I, Advanced Drama, 10th Grade Literature and Composition Honors, and Honors Chemistry. It’s going to be a lot more difficult than last year because of my AP class. It requires a lot of time at home for preparing so I have less time for homework. Also Drama is a big commitment because I will be doing a show production. I want to be more organized this year though and hope to get all A’s on my card at the end of the year.

Wildcat Fever

Hello everyone I’m Nicholas and I have just experienced my first week of Middle School! My schedule is pretty cool so I’ll go over it with you in chronological order.

First, I go to pride in Mrs. Nadir’s classroom, but pride is only five minutes so I don’t know if that counts. After pride I have Spanish with Mrs. Nadir. Its the same classroom so I only have to pick up my binder and books and move to my Spanish seat.I really enjoyed Spanish so far and I intend to learn more!

Third period I have Math with Mrs. Cherry. She is an okay teacher, but I have lots of more interesting classes than math.

Then, I go back to Mrs. Nadir for fourth period. This class is basically pride, but its called homeroom and its  just a little longer. The cool thing about homeroom is that everyday of the week we do a different thing. For example Topic Tuesday or Work Wednesday.

After homeroom I go to my fifth period class with Mrs. McElroy, and go straight to lunch. When we come back from lunch we continue fifth period. This class is Language Arts. I like this class a lot and we do a lot of fun and interesting things. For sixth period I have Social Studies with Mrs. McElroy. In case your wondering I and the rest of the class have L.A. and Social Studies with the same teacher and right after each other. It is kind of a combo class because we have to write papers about things in S.S. sometimes.

For seventh period I have Science with Mrs. Karow. This is my last and one of my favorite academic classes. Mrs. Karow seems like one of the teachers that is nice, but you don’t want to get them mad. One of the awesome things about this class is that we are going to do lots of labs (some even edible)!

After Science I have to get my stuff packed up from my locker (that I had no trouble opening from day one), and head to Orchestra with Mr. Yackley. This is my first year doing Orchestra because the year in elementary school that I would have started doing orchestra they cut the funding of it. So far Orchestra has  been awesome. I already got my Violin, and I know all of the strings. I think I am going to love Orchestra.

Finally I have my last class of the day, P.E. The first four day was boring all we did was get gym lockers, be weighed, measured, and get a syllabus. But lucky us on Friday we actually did something. When I got to P.E. I headed straight to the boys’ locker room and got dressed into gym clothes. When I reached the gym my teacher Mrs. Epstein lined us up and headed us out of the gym. We were walking on the sidewalk for awhile when I realized we were heading to the Milton Lacrosse Field. I later found out that there was something wrong with the NMS Field. When we got there Mrs. Epstein explained to us that we were going to start a flag football unit, and the first thing we needed to do was to learn how to throw and catch a football correctly. A lot of people in the class already knew, but I was one of the ones that didn’t. At the end of the day I was pretty good at catching and throwing. I am going to like P.E. a lot!

My first week of Middle School was great and I am  guessing that the other weeks will be too! Bye!

Week Uno

Last week was the first week of school and I think I am going to have a great year. First off I liked all my teachers. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Rugg. She’s really nice and although I only have that class for fifteen minutes it’s fun. My Language Arts teacher is Mrs. Hosmer. She is funny and a really good teacher. My Math teacher is Mr. Pearson and he’s one of my favorite teachers because he’s hilarious. Next period is Ms. Gama for Spanish. Ms. Gama is a lot like Mrs. Nadir from sixth grade and she was cool. My Social Studies teacher is Mrs. Major. She’s weird but in a good way and has funny sayings she always says. Alexander had her. And finally Mrs. Godfrey. I had her last year and she moved up with us. She was kind of frustrated last year but she seams really nice now. I really think I am going to have a great year and I like all my teachers!