Nous avons un gagnant!

Bradley Wiggins

As you well know the Tour de France has just finished. We just finished watching the final stage and it was an exciting finish. The overall winner was Bradley Wiggins. Daddy thinks I look like him! The rider with the most points was Peter Sagan. The best youngest rider was Teejay Van Garderen. The King of the Mountains was Thomas Voeckler. And the winning team was Radioshack.

To me the only really exciting thing is the final minutes of the race. That’s were all the conflict happens. Since this year was the 99th Tour everyone was saying so and so might have a chance next year at the 100th Tour. At the end Cavendish was speeding up towards the finish line when Sagan was racing up behind him, but in the end Cavendish got their first and Bradley won. Bradley and Cavendish are on the same team.

This was the first year a British rider won the tour. Also another British rider was second. Wiggins and a whole bunch of other riders are going to be in the Olympics in London in a week. So all the fans are excited for GBR (Great Britain). So the was a really exciting Tour de France and I’m going to miss it.

Cycling the tour & at London

As you may know the Summer Olympics are coming up in a week. This year they take place in London, England. The Olympics have lots of interesting events to watch, like Swimming, Cycling, Archery, Basketball, and Soccer. One of the events I’m really looking forward to is road cycling. The reason I am looking forward to it is because I just finished watching the Tour de France.

This year the British won the Tour de France. The winner was of the Tour is named Bradley Wiggins. He is part of a British cycling team named Team Sky. One of his team mates named Mark Cavendish won the last stage of the tour. Both Wiggins and Cavendish are riding for Great Britain in the Olympic Games. I am looking forward to watching them race against other countries.

I and the rest of my family have been watching the Tour de France for the last three weeks. We all enjoyed the suspense as the racers squeezed every last drop of energy to win the stage, but now the tour is over. But all hope is not lost. I am now looking forward to the Olympics happening next week.

Bradley Wiggins (Left, Yellow Jersey), Mark Cavendish (Front, Striped Jersey)

Tour de France

Many people have heard of the famous Tour de France. Most everyone knows that it is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious bike races in the world. In fact, it is part of a grouping known as the “Grand Tours.” The three grand tours are the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italilia, and the Vuelta a Espana. The Tour de France is the largest and oldest of the three races, starting in 1903 and generally spanning 2,000 miles. There is a different route each year, determined by the official committee, but the race always ends in Paris, and since 1975, right next to the Arc de Triumph. The race consists of 21 daily stages and 2 rest days. There are usually about 20 to 22 teams in the race, with nine riders each.

The first Tour de France was in 1903. It was started by a man named Herni Desgrange. He was the editor of a magazine called L’Auto. The magazine was not getting the readers it wanted so Desgrange decided to hold a race to create publicity for the magazine. Originally the race would last 23 days and span five stages. The stages would go from the afternoon until the next morning, with rests in between the stages. It looked very daunting and only 15 people signed up. Sensing failure, Desgrange almost gave up on the idea, but instead decided to shorten the race and give the racers a salary equal to a common worker. He also added prize money for each stage as well as money for winning the entire race, 3,000 francs for a stage and 12,000 francs for the race. A rider could win more money than they could make in a year of work. This enticed more riders, about 80.

The race was won by a man named Maurice Garin. He ended up finishing first along with his rival Hippolyte Aucouturier. They both went down in history as famous bike riders. The race was very different back then; no teams, no leaders, no jerseys, but the legacy of that first race goes on and will probably be celebrated when the 100th Tour takes place next year.

Harry’s Grand Adventures!

Last year I started to read the Harry Potter books and really got into them. But for some reason when I was half way through the 4th book (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) I stopped. But this Summer I made a goal to start the books again and finish them before school starts. We have the whole series at home so I don’t have to worry about getting them from the library. And we already have the all the movies on DVD.

I read the first book very quickly, but not because it was the shortest but because I was so interested. And when I started the second book (Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets) I thought, I should read the book and then watch the movie. I then watched the first Harry Potter movie, read the second book, and watched the second movie. I was reading the third book for awhile and finally finished it just two days ago. I can’t watch the movie yet because my dad wants me to watch it when he’s at work.

I am now back to where I ended last time I read the book, but this time I want to continue on. The reason I want to read the books and not just watch the movies is because some of my favorite parts they leave out of the movies. For example in the first book one of my favorite parts was Dumbledore’s obsession with lemon drops.


Doctor Who?


All the Doctors!

A little while ago Alexander got me to start watching a British TV series called Doctor Who. This series was started on November 23, 1963! And it is still going on to this day. Well, between 1996 and 2005 there was a empty gap between the series. But it was started up again in 2005.

Basically this show is about a time-travelling alien who travels in time and space in a


TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space). It is disguised as a Police Public Call Box from the early 1900′s.  Wherever he goes destruction occurs and he stops it. He picks up different companions along the way from robot dogs to aliens. When he dies he can regenerate himself but has a new body. So every few seasons they get a new actor.

My favorite of the doctors is the ninth doctor. His actor is Christopher Eccleston. But I also really like David Tennant who is the tenth doctor. The most recent doctor is Matt Smith. I just can’t imagine him as the Doctor, but I think I will soon get used to him.

Paper Crafts and Drawing


Recently I got into doing Paper crafts and Drawing. I got interested in paper crafts when my brother found a cool paper craft that was from one of our games, Minecraft. I asked him to print me one and I instantly got interested. It was only yesterday when I got my drawing book and drew something that would change the way I’d draw forever.

First, I’m going to tell you about the paper crafts I did. The first paper craft I did was the Mini Ender Dragon. I would rate this one pretty easy to make. Next I made a small scale model of my character in-game. I would rate this one intermediate difficulty to make. After that I made a Snowman. Even harder than the small scale character. The latest character I made was a Minecraft version of a Dragonborn from Skyrim. I am definitively going to do more of those.


Now, I’m going to tell you about the drawing I did. It was about two weeks ago when I got reminded of the drawing pad I bought. I started drawing some things like penguins and stuff, but when I was at the library I found a cool book called How to Draw Deltora Monsters. It wasn’t at the library so my mom helped me place a hold on it. I just got it two days ago and already drew (currently coloring) a person named Gorl from the book Deltora Quest. I haven’t quite finished coloring as you can see in the picture, but I intend to draw more stuff like this.

The Starving Tournament

A while ago I finished a really great book called Hunger Games which was the best book I have read for a long while. Hunger Games is a very popular book and most everyone at my school have read it, including the teachers. I can see why everyone loves it! In seventh grade, Alexander HAD to read the book and write side notes in it.

Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss who lives in the Coal District of the future country Panem. The twelfth district (Coal) is very poor. This is because a long time ago the districts rose up against the capital government but were defeated. To remind the people of their victory the capital set up a annual “Hunger Game” were one boy and one girl from each district had to fight to the death in a wilderness survival arena.

I really loved this book because it was full of action and I HAD to keep reading it! I can’t wait until Nicholas calls up his friend and I can borrow the second and third books in the Hunger Games series. There is even a movie of the book out now I might want to see that. So basically it’s a really good book and I’d recommend it to anyone!