The Four Haiku Seasons by Nicholas Kreitz

A Haiku by Nicholas Kreitz.


Winter you fall down
the sparkiling in the sky
spring you thaw from warmth
Spring you blossom tall
Count your beautiful petals
Summer you give fruit
Summer you burn bright
heat the sorching sand every day
Fall you grow more dim
Fall you turn colors
Fall in piles on my lawn
Winter you blow away


This year in math class we are reading a novel called The Number Devil. This book is about a boy who gets visited by a number devil who teaches him about math. It is really interesting because it combines math, comedy, and novelty. I some of the book the author makes up catchy names for the confusing math terms. The prime numbers are Prima Donnas because they HAVE to be different. The only thing I don’t like doing on this “project” is the packets we have have to do after each chapter. This is a good book nevertheless and I’d suggest it to anyone you likes or doesn’t understand math.

Night Angel

I’ve just recently finished a series of three books called the Night Angel Trilogy. It was probably the best trilogy I’ve read ever. I’ll try to give you a synopsis without too many (or hopefully no) spoilers. The first book starts off with a really poor boy living in a fantasy medieval era slum. He becomes a wetboy. A wetboy is like an assassin except he has control of a kind of magic that helps him become hard to see or super fast. He grows up with best best assassin of his time and ends up becoming almost as good as his mentor. When tragic events unfold he has to chose between saving his friends, and saving the world. In the second book the main character, even his name could be considered a spoiler, has to kill one of the most powerful men in the land. He has to accept help from unlikely friends and make tough decisions that actually kept me on the edge of my seat, literally. In the third book all my favorite characters ended up having intertwining roles and the end built up to one of the most satisfying endings to a book I’ve ever read. Seriously, if you’ve recently finished a series or book and are looking for something to read, go to the library or store and get these! You really won’t regret it.

Ordinary Boy

A week ago I read this really awesome book called Ordinary Boy! This book was written by William Boniface. It is the first of three books. This book is based in a city called Superopolis where everyone has super powers. Well, as the title tells you not everyone. Ordinary Boy (OB for short) was born in Superopolis. OB is a member of the Junior Leaguers. The other people in the Junior Leaguers are Tadpole (has the ability to stretch his tongue 20 feet), Plasma Girl (can turn into a plasma blob), Stench ( has super strength, but stinks), and Hal (when he drinks apple juice he glows). Together they solve a mystery of the missing cards and defend Superopolis from Evil. I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the second book.