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This is awesome… Since I have been saving up my money to buy something for a while, and IPod Touch came up in one of our recent conversations, I thought why not get one. I have thought about getting one  for a long time. I love it, I can now listen to music, play games, watch videos and movies, and surf to web all on one device. I also got a really cool and strong case for it. I will play this a lot and take very good care of it. I am really pleased with my choice. Here’s a picture of an identical one of mine.

I can’t believe!

I can’t believe that I am getting my own I-Pod Touch. I always dreamed of having a I-Pod Touch I never thought I’d get one, and I don’t have to wait that long ether. I get it on my birthday and my birthday is just ONE month away! I even made a chart that I mark each night. This week has gone so fast, so I hope the others will too! I already picked out a couple apps I want like pocket god, tiny wings, and jet pack joyride. I already got my case an Otterbox, because my brother ordered one a if we get two we get a discount. Well I am off to play some AdventureQuest so Bye!

Digging a Hole

Last weekend my family figured out there was a leak in our water pipe that came into the house and was racking up our water bill terribly. In order to fix this we would either have to hire someone to do it for a large amount of money, or go out and dig the hole ourselves. Of course we went to go dig the hole ourselves. We got on dirty clothes and grabbed some shovels and started digging a hole next to our house where the pipe was in order to find the leak. We got into a system where my dad would loosen the dirt and I would pull it off the hill with a hoe. It was quite efficient and the digging only took two days. Then we had to actually find where the leak was so we turned on the water and figured out that the leak was actually next to the house. We got around to fixing the pipe. My dad had to go rent a big drill to make a new hole for the pipe. Unfortunately it was too tight a squeeze and the pipe wouldn’t go through so he had to go back the next day and drill a new hole. After the hole and pipe were done he attached the water pipes to the new one. He even added a filter so our water is now cleaner than it was before. We finally covered up the pipe so it wouldn’t freeze. That pipe project took all weekend.

Desktop Stores

On the  last day of school before winter break was Desktop Stores (DTS). This was a day were we sold all are products we have been making for about a month or two. I made origami and lots of it. When I got to school with my dad to set up, we walk to the media center and unpacked. I had to ask Mrs. Cherry (my math teacher) for some tape to put up my sign, which was really cool. When the bell rang the first classes started coming in and shopping. I started selling right away, and after the last class came in I was nearly out. At the end of the day I had sold all but 2 origami and all at full price. I think DTS was a good opportunity for kids to know what it is like to be a businessman.

Kidnapped: The Abduction

This is another book written by my present favorite author, Gordan Korman, he wrote this series and also wrote another one that I posted about called Chasing the Falconers. I really loved this story, so I guess i’ll give you a idea of it and see if you like it. Aiden Falconer and his sister Meg have just come of a terrifying moment in their life. There parents were accused of helping terrorists and we put in prison for life. Aiden and Meg were put in a juvenile jail and found a way to escape they have been running ever since. Finally they found proof to save their parents. That was just the sequel now here is the real story. Aiden and his sister Meg were back in their “normal” life. People still hated their family and wanted revenge. Then one day when Meg and Aiden were walking home a white exterminator van was parked at the side of the street. When they walked by the door opened and they grabbed Meg and was trying to grab Aiden. Aiden did not have time to react. His sister was captured, but Aiden escaped and was determined to find his sister. Meg left behind clues that only her brother could understand. Sound interesting? I really recommend that you get this book.

The Book.

Christmas, I believe.

This is an account of Christmas. Christmas is that awesome time of year when people put up trees and lights and make everything feel really festive. Christmas is that time when you find presents under the trees and hope that they’re not a pair of socks. I got a wonder assortment of random things, like a shaver, a “Meh” shirt (pretty cool), a game, some moneys, and a phone. Android phone, pretty epic. Mostly, though, I like Christmas because of all the feels. I love the joyous spirit or whatever you want to call it. I wish it was Christmas all year round and not for the presents but for the atmosphere of Christmasiness. They should actually bundle up all the Christmas and put it in a box, and give it to everyone so that whenever they want Christmas they can just open the box. That would be the best gift that one could give.

Christmas Gift – Neocube

Just a Neocube (The cube is really hard to make after you crush it)

For Christmas I got exactly what I wanted, a Neocube. A Neocube is a cube made up of 216 5m rare-earth magnet balls. In simpler terms, lots of tiny magnet balls. Well anyways, I love it. You can make so many different shapes and structures. It’s really fun to just sit down and see what you can come up with. This is probably the coolest, simplest invention ever. You may think 216 is a lot of magnets, but when you are making something big, you need tons. Sometimes you just need a couple more and you get all frustrated. So that is why I got a couple extras for those circumstances. Here are just a couple creations you can make with them.

I don't know what this is, but it's awesome!

Cool star thing!

Cool star thing!

Christmas Time!! (:kind of late:)

Happy New Year everybody! I decided to write this article about what i got for Christmas. I’ll start from smallest to biggest. First, I got a t-shirt from my cousins. What is special about the t-shirt you may ask? It is a t-shirt with Minecraft things on it. It was a  shirt with Steve (a minecraft character) on it running away from creepers (enemies who explode), zombies, and skeletons. There was a catch though the shirt was one size small so I had to order another one. There were out of stock of the shirt I got in the first place, so I decided to get the shirt called The periodic table of Minecraft. The t-shirt was basically what the name was they took the regular periodic table and replace everything with Minecraft stuff. I really like that shirt.

Second, I got some books I wanted to read from my parents. The first book I got was Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever. I really like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I read all of them from the plain Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the Ugly Truth (another book in the series). Now, I can finally read the last one Cabin Fever. I am sure they are more to come but so far I love this book the best. The second book I got was The Son of Neptune. I was surprised when I got this because I always wanted this book, and thought I had to get it from the library then read it then have to renew it but someone else would be waiting and i had to try to get it again and be #99 on the wait list. And now I can read it for however long I want! I liked the first book of this series called The Lost Hero. The author is Rick Riordan. He is the same guy that wrote the Percy Jackson series.

Last, I got a Samsung 14 megapixel, Touch screen camera. I was the HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! I never expected to get a awesome camera for Chirstmas. I opened the box right away I tried it out. It almost felt like my jaw was hanging down. I looked through all of the features. There was a small version of photoshop right in there (not really photoshop). I could record movies and use a feature to make it look like an old flim! It also came with a book called Better Photos. I am currently reading it. It tells you things like how to take less blurry photos and things like that. The also have task of things to take a picture of like a closeup on a flower.

The Front of my Camera! :D

The Back of my Camera! :D