“Mysterious Lincoln” Mini Essay

If Abraham Lincoln was an animal I think he would be a flamingo because he is tall. Abe always stands so tall and formally. Also he is brave just like a flamingo. Flamingos have to have great courage to be pink. He is also like a flamingo because he is strong. Flamingos have to be very strong to hold their entire body weight on one skinny leg.

In Novemeber

In November
By: Nicholas Kreitz
In November, the nights get frigid. The children snuggle in their cozy beds with blankets as soft as clouds. They listen to the wind, a howling wolf. The rain drops were large dogs on the roof. The burning candle waved at the children.
In November, families drink apple cider like a thirsty cat. The pie they made is a crunchy circle. The trees shivered in the cold wind. The bonfire blazed 1,000 feet.
In November, they hold mugs warm as fresh soup. The leaves were a beautiful painting. The leaves sighed as I stepped on each one. The frost on the grass reached a million miles.

Sar-Bon Diocide and His Multiple Personality Disorder

It was a gloomy, thick night. The whistles and bells were silent and the waves buffeted the side of the ship like big hands hitting a drum mercilessly as it sped through the ocean. It had been about four long hours since the trawler set out from Granna City, and the crew was working somberly while others were resting. It was silent except for the click clack of the ship’s rafters and the dreary applause of the waves. The coals in the ship’s engine were burning ever so faintly and the craft was moving at a baby’s pace. “Sir,” said the first officer. “The ship is low on power. It won’t be long before we run out of power, and we don’t have any more coal.” This was indeed true, for the ship’s captain had known this but with the urgency of the trip did not mention it to the overseers. “Sir,” muttered the officer, “there is always the… back-up.” The captain was afraid of this outcome. “No! It’s too unstable. It won’t work.” “But sir, it may be the only way to get to Glu Coast.”

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Causes of Bedwetting
This article is about the many causes of bedwetting. Its technical term is norturnal eurenisis. It occours about two times a week after the age of 5. The thinking has been that bed wetting is more likely to be caused by a udisorder, but even in secondary enuresis, that is also always a consideration. Most important is the age of the child, how often the bedwetting is occurring, and whether there are signs and symptoms of other medical problems or psychosocial stressors. One concern that many parents have is whether the bedwetting indicates a psychiatric or psychological problem. Repeated awakenings, even if they are so brief that the child does not remember, can disrupt the hormone vasopressin, also called antidiuretic hormone. When this hormone does not rise as it should, then the kidney keeps making urine during sleep and result can be bedwetting.

The Robe of Skulls

I am currently reading a book called The Robe of Skulls. It was written by Vivian French. The series is called The Tales from the Five Kingdoms. The characters I know about so far are Gracie Gillypot, Lady Lamorna, Foyce, Gubble, Marlon, Prince Marcus, Prince Arry, King Frank, Mange, Uncle Alvin, and Princess Nina-Rose. So far this book is turing out to be great. Lady Lamorna has a plan you turn all the princes into frogs and ask for a large sum of money to turn them back. The reason she wants this money is because she ordered and new robe and when she looked in her treasure chest it was empty. I am loving this book a recommend you read it too. Bye!