Believe it or not it’s Halloween in two days! Can you wait because I can’t! I am thinking about being a ninja, but I might be a Viking or a Pirate again. I plan on getting loads of candy this year. I think I can stay up long enough to get the whole neighborhood. This year I plan on going Trick or Treating with my friends Chase and Patrick. I am sure i am going to get loads more of candy then last year because last year I only went to half of the neighborhood. Good Luck and Happy Halloween.

P.S. Post a comment if you have a costume idea!

Warriors : Into the Wild

Book Cover

Yesterday I just finished a great book called Warriors : Into the Wild. Its a book about these four clans of cats Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. This old house cat named Rusty is living his own easy life when one day he goes into the forest, and gets tackled by a cat that calls him self Graypaw. He gets offered to join his clan, Thunderclan. When Rusty arrives at camp he is given the name Firepaw. Will Firepaw turn out to be the best warrior or will he be finished quickly? I thought this was one of the greatest books ever written. I urge you to go check it out in your public library or buy the series. Thats all see ya!

Poe Poe(m)

Last night I woke up shaking, when light filled my eyes.

My heart still quaking, my mind filled with lies.

Suddenly I jerked up my torso, although my head was still aching,

From what seems I was hit with a crossbow.

When I tried to move my fingers, the pain did not linger.

Then I leaped up and off the bed, when the aching was gone from my head.

I did not like where I was standing, but still saw something outstanding.

I was in abandoned hospital in the month of December,

But nothing is what only I remember.

The air was frigid, my body was rigid and I heard a shrieking cry.

I was hoping, hoping, hoping that I would not die,

But that was up to the monster preparing to fly.

There is no way to outthink it, no way to survive.

Disney Dream

Last week I went on a cruise. It was the first cruise I’ve went on ever. It was really awesome to put it shortly. A lot happened that week so I’ll probably have to split it up into many articles. This first one will be about the ship.

The ship I went on is called the Disney Dream. It is Disney’s third cruise ship and travels to three destinations with 4-night travel times. The destinations are the Bahamas, Disney’s island, Castaway Cay (pronounced “key”), and the Caribbean. The cruise I went on was a 4-nighter to the Bahamas and then to Castaway Cay. The ship itself is amazing! There are 13 decks open to guests. Four of those are room decks and the rest are home to shops, theaters, restaurants, bars, and clubs. The first floor is where you find the loading ramps that you use when you get to a destination. The second floor is where the Enchanted Garden is. It’s a restaurant with a buffet breakfast and lunch. The third floor is the grand atrium. This is when you get on and where you can find Disney characters. Also on the third floor are the Royal Palace and Animator’s Palate. The Royal Palace is an a la carte restaurant while the Animator’s Palate is only open for dinner. Both the Enchanted Garden and the Royal Palace are nice restaurants with lights and decor, but the Animator’s Palate is the best by far. The entire restaurant is filled with giant displays that show sketches of Disney shows. After dinner gets underway, the sketches change into a scene from a movie where the characters talk to you. It’s very interactive and in each restaurant the food is five star. The third and fourth floor also hold the Buena Vista theater. The fourth floor is all shopping from many clothing stores to the photo album shop. On the fourth and firth floor are entrances to the Walt Disney theater. That’s where live shows are playing and also comedy acts. The ship is just awesome.

Disney Cruise

This week I went somewhere especially awesome. My grandparents were having their 50th anniversary, so they invited our family and my cousins the Adrians and the Kendells to go on a cruise! I turns out that it was a Disney cruise caled the Disney Dream. The cruise was in Florida so we have to drive for 7 hours! The day before the crusie left we stay at a Hampton hotel next to Daytona Beach. We we finally got on the cruise we went straight to the Enchanted Garden for some lunch. At two 0′ clock in the afternoon we could go into our rooms. Since our granddad all got us rooms at the same time so we were all right next to each other. I could go out onto the veranda and say hi the my cousin Drake. The food their was great. Every night the had a live show. The first night it was The Golden Mickeys. The second Villains Tonight, third Taylor Mason(A ventriloquist), and finally Disney’s Believe. There is also another cool thing to do around the ship. It’s called the Midship Detective Agency. You get this little card ,and you have to go around the ship and do stuff to interactive pictures. There is so much to talk about that I could go on forever, so i’ll just stop here. See you next week.

This is the room I stayed in.