Metaphor and Me Essay

Have you ever thought, if you weren’t a human, what would you be? Well I have and this is what I came up with. I thought I would be something that would be goofy, sharp, and have many different personalities. When I thought about it some more, I realized what things I would be. First, a mechanical pencil, because I am always sharp, I love to draw, and like all stationeries. Second, a monkey, because I am goofy, I love bananas, and I’m good at climbing. And lastly, a roll of sushi, because I have many personalities and feelings.

When I chose a mechanical pencil, I was thinking of these characteristics. I love to draw. I like stationeries (pencils, erasers, pens, paper, etc.). And I am always sharp. There is also some other less common characteristics, but I didn’t want to put those down.

When I chose my second object, a monkey, I was thinking of these characteristics. I am really goofy and silly. I am really good at climbing. And I am wiry and hyper. I think being a monkey would be awesome.

And the final object I chose was a roll of sushi, and these are the characteristics. I have many feelings and personalities. I love sushi and Japan in general. I am tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Sushi is my favorite food, but I wouldn’t want to be eaten.

So these were my objects I think I would be. And I chose them, because I am goofy. I like to draw. And I have many feelings. I wonder what you would be.

Role Model Short Essay

Role Model

Who is my role model? I look up to my Granddad. My Granddad is wise and practical, and always knows how things work. He took two of his passions, teaching and archeology, and turning his passions into a reality. He became a professor and taught others the things they needed to know to “survive”? He turned his passion for history into a hobby, and later into a mastery. He knew much about the ancient world and its devices, and consulted on archaeological digs. He even wrote his own book. He’s a proficient ancient coins buff, and people actually come to him when they are buying and selling these rare coins. He doesn’t teach anymore, but he still shifts through tons of old files and papers to piece together our family’s past. He created a large family tree that goes back about the the year 1620, where he sites that we’re related to some of the travelers on the Mayflower. The stuff he does is amazing, and I hope that he can finish his complete history and maybe even publish a book about it. The reason I look up to him is because he took life by the reins and knew what he wanted to do. He worked until he achieved what he set out to do, and even now as a retired man still continues to do what he likes to and add to his knowledge of the past.  So my role model is my Granddad, who knows how to achieve his goals.

Safety Patrol

In 5th grade they let you do this thing called safety patrol. Safety patrol is a program where you keep the school safe by asking people nicely to slow down when there running or if there pushing in the hall. Safety patrol also does some other things too. Like raising the flag at the beginning of the day or lowering the flag at the end of the day. We don’t put up the flag if its raining. Safety patrol also does stuff in the library like shelving books, helping people check out book, and helping people locate books. Last yeap in 4th grade some people got lucky and got to apply in 4th grade. I was one of them. All we did last year was on the last two weeks of school we got to be trained but on the last week we got to do it all by ourselves. I’ve been enjoying this year so far and safety patrol isn’t the only thing we get to do this  year we also get to do this thing called Crabapple News Network or CNN for short i’ll talk about that next week see ya!

Safety Patrol Belt

Walking the Schedule

On Monday, August Fifteen, I woke up in the the morning to go to the middle school for the first time, ever! First, I got up and took and shower. Then, I got dressed and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. And then, when I finished eating I went upstairs to brush my teeth and turn off all the lights, because by then Nicholas and (sometimes) Alexander are already on the bus and they leave lights on every once and a while. When everything that needs to be done is done I get to watch TV for thirty minutes or so before I have to leave and close up on my own. Then I go down to the bus stop to wait for the bus. After a few minutes the bus comes and we get on to go to school. When we finally get to school we are sent to the P.E. room to wait for the bell. Once the bell rings we all go to our lockers (at first I had trouble with my combination, but then I got there hang of it), and then out first period. Once I got to Science (my first period), I put my stuff down and my teacher (Mrs. Godfrey) introduced herself we did a easy, first day of school, worksheet. After Science everyone goes to their PRIDE class. PRIDE is basically a break at the beginning of the day, and my teacher for PRIDE is Mrs. Long. So after the twenty minutes of PRIDE I go to Social Studies. In Social Studies, we first get out a notebooks and write down our C.E.A.L. facts and then do various worksheets. My Social Studies teacher (Mrs. Warner) is hilarious. Once the bell rings I go to my next period, Language Arts. In Language Arts we do different worksheets and essays.On Tuesdays and Thursdays we write in our journals about a topic we choose from a sheet of ideas. Mrs. “Boeshart?” is my Language Arts teacher. Next period is Spanish, my favorite period. I also have to bring my lunch to Spanish, because fifth period is also lunch. When we get to Spanish we have to go to lunch right away. After lunch, we go back to class and do our Esponja (Sponge in Spanish) and our morning assignments and then learn some Spanish words from Mrs. Nadir. After Spanish I have math with Mrs. Cherry, who is funny (sometimes) but doesn’t smile very much. In math we do the usual, a page in or math book for schoolwork and a page in our math book for homework. Math is basically kinda boring, so after math we have to pack our backpacks and head to out first connections class, mine is Orchestra. Orchestra is really fun, almost as fun as Spanish. When we get into the Orchestra classroom we go to the locker room and get our instrument out of our instrument locker, I have a violin. Then we get our Orchestra books and follow what the teacher (Mrs. Landreu) says. After Orchestra is my finale period, Gym. At first we all go to our gym lockers and change into our gym clothes. Then we go to the gym room and wait to be called up to your spot. Then your gym teacher comes around and sees if you are here. Then we do different activities, and when were done we go back to the locker room and change back. Since Gym is our last period, we wait there until they call our bus or to go to the cafeteria to get called. So that is my whole day at school in 6th grade.

First week of school

This week was to first week of 5th grade for me. My home room teachers name is Mrs. Lavelle. My brother had her last year and said she was the best teacher ever, and this week proved it. On August 15, 2011 was officially the first day of school in Fulton County, and we were lucky because in some places school had all ready started 2 weeks ago. When I woke up in the morning I was half excited half reluctant. I got dressed, went down stairs to eat, brushed my teeth, and went outside to wait for the bus. When I got on the bus I went all the way to the back (I’ve been waiting 5 years to do that) and sat down. I was surprised that there weren’t as many people at my bus stop then last year, so when i got on the bus there were only about 3 people on the bus before me. A  few stops after me my friends got on and we started to talk about what this year would be like and flash drives. When we finally arrived at school we were talking about something totally different like pets or something. After we got off the bus they gave us the annoying name tags that say 72B on them. I went to my class at the very end of the 5th and 4th grade hall Mrs. Lavelle’s class. Right when I walked in my teacher took a picture of me and showed me the sign in chart and how to sign in and then I unpacked and found my seat. We work on this little paper about our self for a while and then we did this thing called class meeting where we did appreciations and concerns. We had this whole lesson on what to say when you are in a concern. After that we worked on our newspapers till we went out to recess and went to art. In art we had a new teacher and she changed the room a lot so we played this little game where she put a picture up on the Promethean board and we had to find it in the room. After that she showed us some line pictures completely made out of lines and made us draw some of our own. I started to draw a tennis ball, but we ran out of time. We cleaned up went back to our class and got ready for dismissal. Mrs. Lavelle has a step-son named Jace and he is in Mrs. O’connor’s 1st grade class and at the end of the day I have to pick him up from there and bring him to Mrs. Lavelle. Jace knows me pretty well because last year my brother picked him up every day. The next couple of days I had the same routine until Friday because on friday we got our L.A. and Math teachers. I had accelerated math so I went to a teacher name Mrs. Arnold that taught 6th grade math. I also have accelerated L.A. so I went to a teacher named Mrs. McGuire that taught 6th grade L.A. too. I hope next week will be as good as this one. So long!

First Week Of School

Last week was my first week of High School. Yeah, I know that’s pretty rough, but it was cool. It all started on Monday when I got on the bus, which was full of taller people, and walked into school. The school is huge. There are three levels and about seven halls. There is a main gym and auxiliary gym, and a black box and theater. The best part is that the whole school is open so there are really no “off limits” areas except the closets and the roof. (Someone actually managed to put a couch on the roof where everyone could see it. There’s also a joke that the seniors tell freshmen when they ask if there’s a pool: It’s on the roof.) I walked up the stairs to the third floor where my locker was. There is actually three versions of each locker, an A, a B, and a normal number.. Orientation day was a mess because I couldn’t open my locker… until I found out I had the normal number and not 1314A or 1314B. I unpacked my bags and hung around with my friends doing the thing most high schoolers like to do: nothing. Next I went to my first period class. It is Language Arts with Mr. Langston. I sit next to two of my friends, but otherwise that class is pretty dull. It’s Honors so most of our time will probably be spent doing essays and tests. After Language Arts I have Healthcare Science. We learn about Health related stuff. The class itself is probably not that interesting but you have to take it to get to the higher levels, which are more interesting. It’s a fun class but there isn’t anyone I know in there so it’s not as exciting as it could be. Third period is Acting. There’s a funny story about this. When the computer sorted me into the system, Latin was full, so it put me in another random class. The only problem is the Acting class I got put in was an Honors Acting class. Fortunately, they let me stay, and I’m glad because it’s really cool. Fourth period is Science but before class we have lunch. Lunch is in a large cafeteria where we can sit with anyone and enjoy food. After lunch is flex time, where you can study or go to the library. I like to go to the library with my friends. After flex time I go to fourth period, and that’s Science. It’s also Honors so we do a lot of higher level thinking and stuff like that. It’s cool and I have friends so it’s not bad. Fifth is Health, and Health is, well, Health. Last period is the best. I love math as I subject and my math teacher is awesome. He is kinda eccentric and weird but very funny too. I’m in Accelerated GPS Geometry Honors. It’s a mouthful, yes, but at least it’s better than last year: Accelerated Integrated Advanced Algebra Honors. It’s an accelerated class so there are some sophomores in that class with me. I hope they don’t think we’re stuck up smart kids or something like that, but it’s ok because you can’t really tell the difference in most cases. The first week of school was pretty cool.

Hanging out with friend before School and enjoying the rest of summer while it lasts.

Nothing much happened this weekend. We got our passports which took about three hours, and that was really boring. But not much else, so I went over to hang out with my friend David. He actually invited me over. I went over to his house and we went down to the basement to hang out and play a little PS3. While walking around the house his dog would frequently attack me and try to hug me or something. It was cute but very annoying. Then they took me out and we at this nice Italian place called FIGO’s. When we returned I went with David while he walked the dog. By the time we came back it was getting dark and I had to go. I’m just glad I got to do one more fun thing before school starts.

Post Office!

This morning we got up at 7:30 to go to the post office to get our passports. When we got there we got in line. I would have have been so bored if daddy hadn’t let me use his phone. We stayed there and waited for about 3 hours and right before we got to go get them, a lady came up and started talking to us about how she just walked in unaware of the line and walked in to the door were the person was that help us get our passports. She then started talking about her shoes and how they so much room in the front. It was kind of annoying but then we were called up to the room. In the room we just sat in the back while mommy and daddy help fill out our passports. Once we had gotten in the car we were relieved that we were going home.

Lord of the Rings

Last week we watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies. And believe it or not i liked it (of course). The one thing I hated the most was Smegal (Golem). I hated him so much because he tricked Frodo a good hobbit to abandon his friend Sam another good hobbit. My favorite character was Pippin another hobbit that was just awesome and so was his twin Merry. The movies were super long. The first one was 3 hours, second 3 hr and 30 mins, third 4hours. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you but I encourage you  the watch them. See you next week!

Pippin :)