A week or two ago I started a book from my favorite author Obert Skye. This book was called Pillage and is about a kid named Beck whose dad left when he was born, mom died recently, and was sent off to a humble town known as Kingsplot to live with his filthy rich uncle who stays in a dome on the top floor all the time. He then finds out that he can make plants move and accidentally hatch some dragon eggs. I don’t want to say anymore because it might ruin the story. But still, I really love it and I think it’s probably one of the best books ever! And to make it even better, there is still two more books in the series!

Harry Potter-a-thon

A couple of days ago we started watching the Harry Potter series to catch up to the last movie. All the movies were really cool, but my favorite so far is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because I like the part when Harry ate the gillyweed during the second task and grew gills, webbed feet, and webbed hands. The movie were on right now in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My favorite character is Dobby because he’s just that awesome. I’m really liking Harry Potter right now and I can’t wait to watch the next one. See you next week.

Harry and Friends


If anyone were to ask me the question “If you could live in the world of a book, which would that be?”, then I would answer Middle-Earth from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. When you look at things like Zelda or WoW, or read books that have fantasy settings, chances are  that their inspiration came from Tolkien’s fantasy world. His description of the setting was so in depth, that he even created history books explaining the happens of the ages, and references to how the languages of the races were spoken. You can even learn to speak Elvish or Dwarven if you want to. His books are the best of the genre, and most likely will be for a very, very long time. Here are just some of the peoples that live in Middle-Earth.


In Middle-Earth, Elves were the first beings to build civilization. They are probably the most civilized and probably think that too. They’re kind of snooty and think highly of themselves, but they are very advanced in culture, magic, and medicine.


Dwarves are short and strong people of the mountains. They like caves and dark places, and build big cities underground. Their passions are mining and smithing, and they know much about the earth’s mineral resources.


Hobbits are little people that live in isolation from the rest of Middle-Earth. In fact, some of the other races don’t even know they exist. They don’t really do much, and they live in cozy underground Hobbit holes.


Men in Middle-Earth are exactly as they are in real life. They are strong and intuitive, and have large cities, but they get a bad rep in Lord of the Rings because they are easy to corrupt.


Orcs are the miserable henchmen of evil in Middle-Earth. They do not really think for themselves and only serve their masters out of fear. They do not bother themselves with crafts and only make weapons.


Ents are the old and wise shepherds of the trees. They were present in Middle-Earth before the Elves, and they are maybe even the oldest race in all of Tolkien’s world. They are very calm but if you anger them, you better watch out.

Obert Skye

Obert Skye is currently my favorite author. He wrote the Leven Thumps series and The Pillage series. He keeps his background a mystery, so there’s not much to say about him except I love his books because they are very interesting and detailed. His two series are Modern Fantasy. His past is so mysterious, some people think that Obert Skye is not his real name. I really love his books!


A couple days ago I got in to a game called Plants vs. Zombie or PvZ for short. I a really addicting but fun game so beware! The game is basically where you have to collect sun and with that sun you can plant things like peashooters that shoot peas, puff-shrooms that shoot spores, or cabbage lanuchers that shoot cabbage. Over all there is a total of 42 plant types in the game and a total of 26 zombie types in the game. I’d give this game a 10/10 for it fun and addictive personality and even after you finish adventure mode the is still tons more to play.



This week we watched all the Indiana Jones movies in a row, starting with Raiders of the Lost Ark, and finishing with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We watched them all at night and with the whole family. It was a very fun family building experience or something like that. My favorite movie was the Last Crusade, because I think it’s funny and already a little “seasoned”. Also, I don’t see why there is any hate with the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I thought it was a good movie. Anyways, I was looking at the names of the Indiana Jones movies and realized that almost any word would fit in any of the spots in the title, so using random words, I created some new Indiana Jones sequels.

Pathway of the Appraising Sigil

Archbishop of the Liberating Midfield

Fixture of the Auspicious Epidemiologist

Den of the Unreal Schoolfellow

Shanty of the Uninspired Pacer

The Stronghold of Woodwork

The Sherbet of Engagement

The Stockade of Yachting

The Tabloid of Cooking

The Headstone of Maxims

P. F. Chang’s China Bistro

Yesterday, my mom was admitted to the Bar. So, since this was a special occasion, we went out to dinner. We went to P. F. Chang’s. First off the place looked awesome, it had 2 HUGE horse at the entrance. Secondly, there was only a fifteen minute wait. And finally, the food was so good. For a appetizer we got there specialty, lettuce roll with chicken and spicy sauce in it. It was good enough to be considered a meal. For an entree I got orange peel shrimp, and it was the best shrimp I had ever had! And to make it even better they had yummy looking desserts. But I couldn’t have any of them because of my allergy. But I didn’t care because the food was just that good!

Indy Marathon

For the last 4 days we had a Indiana Jones marathon. First we watched “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” which I didn’t see much of because I went to do something else. The next movie we watched was “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” which I loved because of Short Round. And then we watched ”Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” which personally was my favorite because of the last challenge to get to the Holy Grail. And the last one we watched we “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” which I was to tried to watch so I am going to watch it today. See you next week.

The Adventure Collection

Fourth of July

Last Monday was Independence Day so we went out to eat at Chin Chin. First when we got there we asked for some egg drop soup (which was awesome). When we got to choose what meal we wanted I chose Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, my favorite. Once we finished our food we got our fortune cookies and left on the way home we stop by this neighborhood that had a good view of the fireworks. They were amazing, especially the finale! I think that was a really cool experience!

Some turtle things

Yesterday we went to get eye exams. One the way back home a turtle was sitting in the middle of the road we almost run over him, but this was a speedy turtle. He dashed out of the way. So I research turtle and found some cool facts. Here is a list of them:

1. Turtle have lived for almost 200 million years

2. An adult turtle was captured and estimated to be fifty years old and live for another 152 years in captivity

3. There is supposedly 300 species of turtles

4. Turtles are experts at climbing

5. Land turtles can outrun some humans

For something else to hear about come back next week. See ya.

Baby Turtle!