The La Brea Tar Pits

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When I was in California, my grandparents and I visited the La Brea Tar Pits. It’s just a massive place. It’s a large park filled with fenced off pits of tar. Smelly and interesting. They have many cool exhibits outside like an open excavation pit. When you look closely at the big pools of tar you can see the bubbles rise and pop out of the sludge. When we got there we couldn’t go in because they were doing a photo shoot of the museum… so we drove around town and checked out some of the cool buildings, went to Ralph’s and ate, and then drove back to the museum. Then they said we couldn’t go in because they had recently cleaned the carpets and the chemical had too strong of a smell… so we walked around the park. Finally we went inside. We watched an introductory video before head through the exhibit. They had lots of cool things there, like a wall covered in mounted dire-wolf skulls. The coolest thing though was probably the fishbowl “exhibit”, where you could watch scientists examine and archive bones in person. The museum was a really interesting place because it kind of acted like a window to the past, in which you could see what life was like back then.


If I were to be asked what creature you would want to be turned into I would chose a Dwarf. If you don’t know what a Dwarf is I’ll tell you. It’s a short, highly intelligent creature who lives in the ground or in a mountain. They are most miners or blacksmiths. They are found in Norse, English, and Germanic mythology. I think it would be cool to be a dwarf because you are smaller so you can go places other people could not. And since you live in the ground or in a mountain and is a miner you could become RICH! There are a lot of different reasons I would like to be a Dwarf. For more information about Dwarfs click on this link. What creature  would YOU like to be?

Chasing the Falconers

A couple days ago in read a book called “Chasing the Falconers” by Gordon Korman. It was about  two kids named Aiden and Meg that were sent to a prison camp called Sunnydale farm because the parents went to prison for giving classified info to terrorists and none of their relatives would take the kids. The kids try to escape from a fire and become fugitives trying to prove there parents innocent. I don’t want to tell you the whole story so i suggest you check this book out at the nearest library. See you next week with another story to tell. Bye!

The book

Kampai Sushi Hibachi

Yesterday was Father’s Day and we went out to Kampai Sushi Hibachi. It was so delicious. First off I got a miso soup and some really good salad with ginger sauce on it. Yummm! Then, I got 1 California Rolls and some variety of the Lover’s Combo. After I finished I asked if I could have another california roll they said yes and I eat this roll really slowly. Once we had finished everything we went next door to the Cold Stone Creamery. They only had one flavor I could have which was Pink Lemonade. It was not very good and they gave me alot. I didn’t care because the dinner was so good!

Super 8

Super 8

Last week I went to see the movie Super 8 with my friends. It was a very interesting ordeal. I got there about 20 minutes before the movie started. My mom and I figured that everyone would be there at that time, too. We sat around for thirty minutes waiting for the others to show up. One of my friends showed up, and then the rest appeared five minutes before. The movie itself was pretty good, except that the movie shut down halfway through because the power cut. The storm was really kicking up outside and I was worried there was really going to be an alien invasion. We finished the movie and went over to the Chili’s next door where we ordered some food. I had to do all the responsible stuff like ordering and organizing our money. We got two plates of nachos, a southwest egg roll, and a fried shrimp plate. After eating all our food and discussing the weird things 14 year-olds discuss, we had some good desert and talked while we waited for the storm to die down so we could be picked up by our parents. My dad came to pick me up and as we drove home there were great bug lightning strikes in the sky. It was a very fun night and I hope to do it again.

Father’s Day

Yesterday, was father’s day and we got my dad something he really wanted some of his nice cologne and a Jack LaLanne power juicer. In the morning we gave him his presents and went down stairs to try out the juicer. It was awesome and we all agreed that apple-strawberry was the best mix we made. Then we played some Minecraft together for awhile till our mom said we had to go to to dinner. When we got to Kampi a sushi hibachi place we couldn’t wait to get in. After that we went to get ice cream at cold stone and then we drove home. When we got home we fell asleep in no time. See you next week.

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer

The Beach

If it looks cliche it's because Zuma Beach is a common film location for commercials.

When I was in California with my grandparents, I went to the beach with my grandmother. We went to two beaches. One of them was off the PCH, on the coast; it didn’t have a name. The other was Zuma Beach. Zuma is famous because it is featured in a lot off commercials. It is the model for a surfer beach. It was even where Baywatch was filmed. It was pretty fun, expect that it was really windy and the water was freezing. I just ended up collecting a bunch of shells. We even brought the boogie board but I didn’t use it, fearing for my toes and fingers. We drove down to the beach and my grandmother and I got out all the beach stuff like towels and the board. I put the board down, got in the water and ran back up to grandmother becasue it was too cold. I then spent the rest of the day looking for shells and rocks. After I was tired, I lay down in the sand and got very sandy.I had to stand under this cold shower and wash off what little I could. Then I got in the car and we went home.

Sort of Reunion

On Thursday we went to the airport to pick up Alexander and daddy. When we got their we got in line to get our passes to go past the checkpoint. But before we could go through we had to take off our shoes and go through the scanner. After we went through you could see what your shoes looked like in x-rays. Then we put or shoes back on and headed towards the concourse. On the way we went down a couple escalators and a train (which was AWESOME). When we got there we sat at the window until Alexander’s plane landed.Alexander got Nicholas and I cool souvenirs. Mine was a globe that spun on 2 axis and Nicholas’ was a radiometer.  Then us four started to walk down to the entrance when daddy jump out from behind someone and scared us! When we got home we had some yummy looking cake (I think it’s Russian). I couldn’t have it because it had milk in it, so I had some Delta cookies. After we ate cake we were all tired from the long day so we went to bed. Thursday was pretty cool.

El Capitan

Just recently I went on a trip to California to visit my grandparents in Malibu. One of the main attractions was the El Capitan Cinema on Hollywood Blvd. We got there early and parked in the underground parking complex under the Kodiak Theater. We walked around Hollywood and meet a bunch of strange people. There were people handing out cds, asking for stuff, and a bunch of people in weird costumes posing for pictures. We also got to see the stars on the sidewalk. We walked around and checked out the large Chinese theater and the Disney shop next to the El Capitan. Once it was time we went inside the cinema and got our popcorn and drinks and headed on up to the balcony. The El Capitan is an old cinema that was built in the 1930′s, so it has a vintage look to it. It’s also two stories high. We had VIP tickets, which meant we got popcorn and a drink for free, and we got to sit in the reserved seat. The reserved seats are special because they are in the middle of the cinema and thus the best seats for viewing the movie. The movie we saw was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was okay, but the theater was more awesome than the movie. After the movie went went through the basement of the cinema and got to the set props they used in the movie. It was a fun experience.

Airport Madness

Yesterday we went to the airport to pick up my brother and dad from the airport. My brother was on a trip to Los Angeles, CA to visit our grandparents. And my dad was on a trip to St. Louis, MO for a business trip. So when we were driving to the air port it was just me, my other brother, and my mom. We circled around the parking lot and came across one space, and I remember where it was it was at door S5, floor 3, lane 11. When we got inside the airport we had to get our gate passes and go through security. After that we took two escalators to a train station place and rode a train to concourse B and jogged to B2 to wait for my brother Alexander, because he was an unaccompanied minor.while we were wait for Alex’s plane to land my dad’s plane already landed so he was coming to B

Gate B2

2. When Alex’s plane landed he gave my other brother Connor a globe that spun on two axis. When I asked what my gift was he reached into his bag and gave me a radiometer. A radiometer is a device that that spins from the heat of the sun. Then when we were walking back to the train our dad popped out of nowhere and scared our socks off. Then we got back to the car left the air port and had a very nice sleep at home.