Goodbye, Elementary School!

Yesterday was the last day of school, and the last day of elementary school. This whole last week, us 5th grader have been doing fun games and activities. Monday, the dads came in and made us pancakes, we had a huge breakfast at school. On Tuesday, we had a yearbook signing party and doughnuts. On Wednesday, we had our graduation, it was so cool. On Thursday, we had Survivor Day, were we did “Survivor-ish” games and challenges. It was the best day of school all year. And yesterday (Friday), we  marched around the school, while everybody cheered and clapped for us. Then we went to the gym and played volleyball against the staff. At the end of the day we ate popcorn and doughnuts, while we watched National Treasure. This whole year had been awesome and now I’m shocked that it’s already Summer.

Last day of school

Today was the last day of 4th grade aka school. Today was really fun all we did a day was relax. We did lots of cool things on the last day of school like cleaning our desks with shaving cream. The teacher put some shaving cream on our desks and she said we could play with it. Like drawing faces in it not putting it on our face. The rest of the day we basically watch movies and ate lunch. Oh wait! In P.E. we played a game called jailbreak it is basically dodge ball where if you get hit you go to the other teams jail, and you get your team mates back by throwing them dodge balls and they try to catch it. The thing is that if someone catches a rubber football they have to call jailbreak and everyone in the jail is free. That is all for this week see you next week!

Last day of school

8th Grade Dance

Yesterday was the Eighth Grade Dance. It was a really cool thing. My mom got me some cool clothes including a wool suit. It was fun to show up dressed like a business man. I also had on some Ray Bands. I went inside and they turned the entire auditorium into an undersea temple with a large Poseidon statue. The cafeteria was where everyone was dancing. They didn’t do much to it but it didn’t matter because the lights were off in there and they had a rave light. I really thought the people did a very good job decorating the halls. We all went into the cafeteria and started dancing. It was mostly just jumping around and stuff. My friend Coleman and I were wearing suits for the majority of the time so we were really hot. I eventually took my suit off, but it was still really hot. Then we danced some more. We pretty much just danced the whole time. That and drinking some water every hour or so. After we danced we were getting pretty tired and finally it was over. I said goodbye to everyone and left with everybody else in a mass exodus. It was really fun.

Chimney Rock Trip, The Great Woodland Adventures, and My souvenirs

On Thursday, April 7th – Friday, April 8th my family and I went to Chimney Rock, North Carolina. We stayed at a Holiday Inn. We stayed in room 119 on the first floor which was awesome, because we were right next to the pool and breakfast area. Oh and I forgot to say driving there took three hours so we got this audio-book called Thunderhead it’s about this archeologist named Nora Kelly. I am not going to tell you anything else because that might ruin the story. Okay back to the hotel. When we got there we put our stuff in the room and instantly went to the pool. We were bored so our dad went to the store to buy a ball. A hour past and we started to worry, but right before we were about to call him he walked in the door through an orange ball in the pool and jumped in. After that, we went to Outback to have dinner.  I got A 6 oz. steak, a Caesar salad, Aussie fries, and a sprite. My brother Alex ordered a 10 oz. steak with blue cheese, but somehow they mixed them up and I got a 6 oz. steak with blue cheese and my brother got a 10 oz. steak without blue cheese.
The next morning when I woke up at the hotel I couldn’t wait to try their breakfast. After we ate breakfast we went to Chimney Rock park. The first thing we did there was go on The great woodland adventures trail. I was taking pictures so I took pictures of all the activities from giant spiders to huge butterflies. Here are some of the pictures of the activities.


The day before yesterday was my birthday. I was turning 12. For my cake I asked for a lemon cake with lemon icing and those citrus candies with the rind on top. We usually get to choose where we want to go for your birthday and I want to go to Red Lobster (I hope I can get some lobster. Mmmm!) We have lately been given money on our birthdays instead of presents so we can buy want we want with the money. The first thing I want is a 2D game called Terraria where you can build a house, mine precious minerals, find a dungeon, mine to the underworld, discover the floating islands, dig through an underground jungle, craft awesome weapons, tools, and armors, find rare items, and fight of goblin invasion. The second thing I would like to buy is… well I’m still thinking of want else I want. I had a great birthday and I enjoy being 12!

Field Day

Every year our school has a day called field day. Field day is on the second to last week of school. Here are some of the activities we do. We play Toss the Balloon, which was a real bummer because I lost on the first round. Because my partner let the balloon slip through his hand. Another game we play is called Over and Under. The game is simple all you have to do is soak a sponge in water then throw it over your head to the person behind you and then they throw it under there legs and so on. Another game is called Go-Karting. The name gives it away ,but there not real Go-Karts there just small cars that you pedal. Then there’s one called Torch Running. Its were you run down the field around a cone and back with a ball on top of a plunger. There is tons of more games so many that I can’t name them all (well maybe not that many). I am still in 4th grade, so I still have one more Field Day till Middle school. Bye. See you next week.