8th Grade Trip

Every year the 8th Grade goes on a field trip to Savannah, Georgia. This year I am in 8th Grade, so obviously I got a chance to go to Savannah. Here is my account of what occurred.

The cafeteria.

I woke up at five-thirty and started packing. I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After everything was ready to go my dad and I got in a car and started off for school. When I got there I put my stuff down next to the number that my bus was (3), and meet up with my friends at the cafeteria. The teachers told us some stuff about not leaving your luggage behind in Savannah and loading stuff up on the bus. Finally they released us to go in the bus. There were six buses. I got on bus three and sat down next to my friend Tyler. The bus ride itself was pretty boring. All we did was sit around for the first hour. After that everyone got out their iPhones and stuff like that. I listened to my MP3 Player. Some people took a movie up to the front of the bus and started playing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on the TVs. Eventually the sun came up and we were well on our way to Savannah.

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Chimney Rock Trip

On Thursday, April 7 my family and I left to Chimney Rock, North Carolina. It was a three hour trip so we stared to listen to a audio-book called Thunderhead. It’s a really interesting story about an archeologist named Nora Kelly who wants to find the lost city of Quivira in Utah. It’s a very cool book book and I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, suspense, and mystery.

At the South Carolina border we stopped and had a pick nick with sandwiches, chips, and cookies. After the wonderful pick nick, we got back into the car and continued to Flat Rock, North Carolina (that’s were our Inn was). Once we got to the Inn, we unpacked into room 119 and put on our swimsuits. There was a really cool pool there and the first thing we did after we unpacked was swim for an hour. When we got in the pool my dad said he would go buy a ball for us to play with. The closes Wall-Mart was 5 miles away, so it took a while. When he came with the ball we play with it until we got hungry. We went the dinner at Outback Steakhouse, I got a delicious Wood-grilled Ribeye and I finished all of it. When we got back to the Inn we were very tired so we all went to bed.

The next morning we got up and went down the hall to have breakfast, they had bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, toast, and last but certainly not least, pancakes made from an instant pancake machine. You just pressed a button and in a few seconds, “Voila” two perfectly browned pancakes! After we ate our fill we drove to Chimney Rock. The first thing we did there was hike The Great Woodland Adventure, it had these cool ” Activities” such as climb in a human size turtle shell or hide in a tree. Next we drove up the mountain a little and stopped at the souvenir shop. They had some pretty cool things but the thing I really want was a pocket knife made of wood the had my name carved into it. I was really happy when my mom and dad got it for me. The next and finale trail we hiked was  the Hickory Nut Falls trail which was long and hard but worth it at the end. The falls were awesome, and you could feel the mist in the air.

The trip home was boring until my dad turned the story back on. I was a really great trip, but it’s always nice to sleep in your own cozy bed again. I hope I can go on another trip soon.