Andrettis Birthday Party

On Friday I went to a birthday party at Andrettis. The birthday boy’s name was Pranav. He was having his 10th birthday party. He is on my best friend list and I am on his (hopefully), so I was expecting to get invited. When I came all of my (and Pranavs) friends were there too. We played some tag and then one of the people looking out for us brought us pizza. After that, we played some more tag. Finally, He brought out the cake, Pranav blew out the candles, and we went Go-Karting. Then, We ate the cake, and played in the arcade. Thats all for that Friday bye!!!

Go-Karting at Andrettis


On Friday we ordered a Kindle on Amazon. It came the next day, and it’s awesome! You can load thousands of books onto it plus it has internet capability, an MP3 player, and tons of cool apps. The MP3 player isn’t that great because you can’t see what the song’s title is, or how long you’ve been listening to it. But, you can play it while you read so if you get some cool background music to play that would be great. The internet is still in experimental (so is the MP3 player), but it’s pretty cool. On the website there’s loads of free books you can just “buy” for free right onto your Kindle if you’re in a WiFi hot spot or you have the 3G Kindle (which is $50 extra). I think the Kindle is really cool!

Friday Afternoon Fun

Yesterday I went to my friend Patrick’s house. He lives about six house away from mine, so I just walk over when he invites me. When I went over I watched him play Black Ops while I was playing on his ITouch. After his other friend Peirce came over we ate a fun dip and went outside. We played Infection. It’s where some starts as “it” and when they tag someone they have to help the tagger get everyone till’ they’re is one person left. After that we played some basketball, H-O-R-S-E, and rode the Ripstik. That was my Friday Afternoon Fun!


Yesterday, after school I went to my friend Robert’s house. When I got there we went upstairs to the Xbox and played some Call of Duty: Black Ops. We played against some Bots and then some Nazi Zombies. After that we got on his Laptop and played some flash games. A little bit later we went outside and played Horse for a while. When we stop playing basketball we got three tennis balls and played capture the tennis ball with Robert’s younger sister, Lindsey. Finally we shot some more hoops and I had to go home. I had a great time at Robert’s house and I hope to go again!

School Photos

Yesterday I volunteered to take pictures of the 8th Grade for a school event thing. Here are some of them. I took a camera around school all day and took pictures of the people in my grade. At the end of the year there will be a slideshow with all the pictures I took playing on the TV. I had some 200 photos, but I deleted a lot of them because they were either fuzzy or just bad. After the day was over I took the camera home and put all the pictures on my computer.

My friend Akshay throwing a basketball.

Jake doesn't know what socks are.

The name's Carstenson. Tastyn Carstenson.

My view from Spanish class.

My math group.

Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen

My favorite authors name is Carl Hiaasen. He wrote a lot of good books. His first childrens book was Hoot. Second, Flush.  And Finally, Scat. I read all of them. There super great books. He also wrote a lot of adult books like Nature Girl, Basket Case, and Skinny Dip. I didn’t read those of course. I am sure the library near you has all of those books. Mine did. Each of his books have something in common. They all are about humans building, polluting, or drilling and killing the animal’s habitats. Thats all for this week bye!

Famous American Project


There has been many Famous American Inventors throughout history but one inventor had invented a machine that could churn 3,000 times more cotton than manual worker. His name was Eli Whitney and I think he was one of the most important Famous American there has been. I am going to tell you about his life from his childhood to his adulthood to how he became famous.

Eli Whitney was born at Westborough, Massachusetts on December 8, 1765. He was born to be good with tools, since his father was a carpenter. When he was 12 years old he built a violin for scratch. When the Revolutionary War had started he began a business where he sold nails. He started another business when the Revolutionary War had ended that sold hatpins and men’s walking sticks.

At age 19, Whitney decided he wanted to attend college, since he hadn’t received a good education when he was younger. He applied to Yale and passed the exam. He had graduated at age 28 and needed money, since he had spent it all on college. He heard that someone in South Carolina was offering a loan so he packed his bags and went. On his way he had gotten sick with smallpox and met a widow of a Revolutionary War general, named Mrs. Greene. She invited him over to her house and he accepted. There he realized the workers need better way to harvest and churn the strong green seed cotton. So he created the Cotton Gin and got a patent for it. Later he started a business with Mrs. Greene’s friend, Phineas Miller.

Since patents took months, even years to be signed, Whitney tried to hide his machine from people who want to make money off his idea. But he did something he would regret, letting Miller advertise the Cotton Gin and let planters examine it. Many people stole his idea, but when his patent was signed, only he could sell it. Although the cotton gin was his most famous invention, he did not make the most money off it. When the government asked for 10,000 muskets, fast, Whitney invented Interchangeable parts which made it possible to make the parts separately and reassemble them. He became rich from this invention. Sadly, Eli Whitney died in January 1825, but his nephews carried on his work. One of them even invented something, the rock crusher.

His inventions are still in use today. Now I’ve told you about his life and accomplishments I hope you also see how awesome Eli Whitney was!

This Week

Nothing very exciting happened this week. In Language Arts class I read a book called Night, about a Jewish guy during the Holocaust. I also did various homework assignments for classes like Math and SS. I din’t have a lot of sleep, or maybe I did. It didn’t seem like much. After doing my homework I would eat dinner and then probably read some. This weekend might be better, though. On Saturday (today), me and my mom went to Atlanta Violins to get a replacement for my older violin. We also got some Krispy Kream doughnuts. The headache I have is slowly going away and things are looking a bit better.

The Three Musketeers

Yesterday, Me, my friend Michael, and my other friend Robert got together at Michael’s house to play. When we got there we first had a small snack, and then we went down stairs and played Wii a bit. After that we got out the Nerf guns and had a Nerf battle in the DARK! Michael got laser pointer on his dual pistols, I got a HUGE sniper rifle, and Robert got a really accurate pistol. We battle until Michael’s mom called us up to eat a snack and let his brother and his friend play down in the basement. When we went back down we saw a pillow fort in the middle of the room and Michael’s brother and his friend got mad and went upstairs. We battle some more until my mom came and we had to go home. I had a great time and I wish I could do it again.

This is the Nerf gun I used.

CC The Colt

This week at school I got to bring home CC the Colt. CC is the school mascot every class has one. He is a little stuffed animal colt. Someone in my class brought CC to Rome, Italy, and started this school wide thing that you take a picture of CC and the school tries to guess where he is. So this week I got to bring him home. In our class we have to write a paragraph about what adventure CC went on and I am going to write about him playing with me and my friend Ayden. Thats all for this week see ya!

Me and CC