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The Civil War: A War of Resources

War is a battle of wills and strategy. This is what people will tell you. What someone won’t tell you is that war is not just about the fighting or the planning; it’s about the resources that both sides have, and how they utilize them. During the American Civil War, both sides had reason to fight, and both had decent strategy, but it’s the resources that decided the outcome of that war. Resources that will decide the outcome of battle can be categorized into three groups. There are natural resources, like minerals or land that are needed as raw materials or sites for camps.  There are the human resources. Labor and army size are the big two. The last group is capital. A warring nation needs tools and establishments to help advance the war effort. Factories and food sources are musts. If one side can master control of the resources of the theatre of war, it can crush the other side with or without a brilliant strategy.

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Snowys Party

This is another story except this one was for my authors party. We had authors party at school from K to 2nd grade. Right now I am in 4th grade so we don’t do authors parties anymore. They were so cool you got doughnuts, cake, and drinks. By the way this story below is called Snowy’s Party.

Once upon a time there was a bear. His name was Snowy. He had a birthday party coming up and he needed to invite some friends. He thought for a second, then he wrote Fuzzy, Poof, BlackBerry, Moe,and Snuggles are invited. Then he set up the house and made a cake. “Done” said Snowy.Then he waited and waited but no one came. “I said it was at 12:30 why aren’t they coming” said Snowy. Then he reread the manual it said last send invitations. “Oh” said Snowy “I forgot to send invitations!” He started to make invitations when he was done he put them in the mail. The next day at 12:30 they came and had a happy birthday party!

Another great story written as a 2nd grader. See ya next week!

This look like Snowy except he has a different color scarf and a hat

Calvin and Hobbes

There is this really cool comic book series called Calvin and Hobbes. It was written by Bill Watterson. He was born in July 5, 1958. His comics went on from 1985 to 1995. After the end of Calvin and Hobbes Watterson started to do some painting. He started to sneak autographed copies of his books on bookstore shelves. After he saw people selling them for high prices online he stopped doing that. I am a great fan of Calvin and Hobbes and so are my brothers Connor and Alexander. We have every book except two I think. I can’t remember their names. I think Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic book ever. I wish he would keep writing them. If you’re interested in getting them I would go to Barnes & Noble, they have the complete set there. I don’t have any book I like more than the other, but The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes is hilarious. Bye, see you next time with another subject to talk about!

A page of Calvin and hobbes

The Penguin And His Puffle

This is a story I wrote when I was in 2nd grade. Its based on a online game I used to play called ClubPenguin. You were this penguin and you could get a pet called a puffle. This is a link to ClubPenguin.
The Penguin and His Puffle                                           By Nicholas Kreitz
Once there was a penguin and he had a pet puffle and his puffle’s name was Pinkie.

The puffle was a pink puffle.

One day a penguin named Shakie went for a walk with Pinkie.

Pinkie saw a sign that, “had a skull with two bones that crossed at the bottom of it” he told Shakie and he began to be very scared then they both ran home but when they were running they saw more and more of the signs.

Then Shakie called pinkie and he did not hear a thing he called again he still did not hear a thing Shakie got very scared he began to call “help! help!” he still couldn’t hear a thing and he sat down and breathed heavily and found out that he was in the forest.

Then he saw a little pink thing moving trough the grass it came up to him and it was Pinkie they heard a soft snoring sound they walked trough the grass slowly and saw a old penguin sleeping on a bench they were in town!

Pinkie started down the road and stopped and looked back at Shakie

And jumped up and down trying to tell Shakie to come. Shakie came and went home with no problems and had hot coco with marshmallows.


Pretty good story huh? Thanks for reading this Post. See ya next time.

A Orange Puffle

How To Write a How-To Essay Essay

Have you ever needed to write a short How-To Essay but didn’t know how? Well if you have you will be an expert at it when your done reading.

The first thing you need to remember is to write like you would be telling somebody your How-To as a conversation, it has to be fluent and clear.

The second thing you have to remember is your topic should be something you know a lot about and be some-what fun to write about or you will lose interest very quickly.

The third thing you need to remember is to always, always revise and edit, because there’s always a better more descriptive word out there.

And the finale thing is to write neatly because when your sharing your How-To you don’t want to say something you didn’t mean to say.

I hope you can write a better How-To after you read this How-To.


I have recently read a book by Kenneth Opel called Airborn. It’s about a boy who works on an airship called the Aurora. He’s a cabin boy, but really wants to become a Junior Sailmaker and then advance in rank to Captain. It’s a steam punk adventure that happens in the sky and on a seemingly deserted island. The Aurora faces obstacles like storms and pirates, and the main character, Matt Cruse, must help his fellow shipmates and friends to safety. The book starts with Matt onboard the Aurora. After flying for some time, he sees a deserted air balloon floating in the sky. Using a docking arm, he swings across the sky and brings the balloon into the ship. The pilot of the balloon is badly hurt, and when Matt goes to see him in the infirmary, the man talks about wonderful creatures that are like a cat mixed with a bird that fly regularly near an island. Two years later, after casting off from Liongate city, the crew of the Aurora must help an ornithopter land inside the Aurora while she is flying. The passengers in the ornithopter were a girl named Kate and her chaperone, Miss Simpkins. Kate later gives Matt a notebook with sketches of cat-like bird creatures and tells him the old man who died was her grandfather. Soon after, the ship is boarded by pirates, but Matt and the crew escape. The ship is damaged however, and they crash on an island. Matt and Kate find out this is the island that Kate’s grandfather wrote about in his notebook, and they go on a search for the creatures. They also run into pirates again. I’ll say no more, because I don’t want to ruin the neat ending. I liked this book and now I’m going to read Opel’s other books. You’ll like it too if you’re into steam punk and adventure stories. Anyways, it’s a recommended read, and I’d get it as soon as I could.

School Imformational Paper – Immigrants in the 19th Century

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an immigrant in the 19th century coming to America? Well if you have, I’ll tell you what it’s like. First off they faced many hardships on their way to Ellis Island and living in America. The ships were crowded, dirty, and unsafe. When they got to Ellis Island they had to wait a long time to get checked by doctors. Sometimes if they had a sickness or disability they were sent home. After they got their check-up they had to find somewhere to live. It was hard to find a nice place to live, so most immigrants lived in slums where it was unsafe, crowded, and easy to transmit sickness. After they found somewhere to live, they had to get a job. Immigrants back then got jobs that were dangerous and monotonous. As you can clearly see, immigration in the 1800s was difficult.
When the immigrants were on the ships coming to America, the trip was not pleasant. The ships were crowded, dirty, and smelly. They were so crowded that more than a thousand immigrants were living in the ships at the same time. By the time they got to Ellis Island they were really tired. The first thing most immigrants saw in America was the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants from around the world. At Ellis Island they went through a long check-up where they were checked for eye and body health. If they had a slight eye problem or disease they would be quarantined or sent back home.
When they finally got through Ellis Island they had to find a place to live. Since most immigrants were poor they could not afford to live in a nice house, so they lived in slums. Slums were the poorest part of the town. In slums it was easy for disease to be transmitted between people. Slums were also very dangerous and unsanitary.
Many factories hired immigrants instead of middle-class people because they worked longer for a smaller wage. Working conditions in the factories were poor and many people died there.  Immigrants (especially Asians) faced much prejudice from their bosses and were paid less than their middle-class colleagues. As you can see, life was very difficult for immigrants working in factories. Families then were so poor that they made their children work, too.
Now you know how hard it was for immigrants in the 19th century. They had many hardships coming to America. Once here they had to find a place to live and most immigrants did not live in great houses. After that they had to get a job, and jobs for immigrants back then were very dangerous. Although they had many hardships, immigrants got one thing they wanted — freedom.

North vs. South

(By now you probably realize that we write a lot of Social Studies papers in our class. Well, I thought I’d put these up so I can look at them in the future. You can read them, too.)

Differences between North and South

During the Antebellum years of the United States, the North and South had conflicting views about politics, economy, and society. These differences created tensions between the North and the South, and eventually lead to the Civil War. While the North believed that the federal government should have power to control the states, the Southerners believed that states should have the power. While the North specialized in industry, the South’s major economic activity was agriculture, and both had very different population patterns and cultures. The two sides of the United States were not similar by most standards.

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School Persuasive Writing – Steam Engine

Steam Engine

The Steam Engine is one of the most important inventions ever because it gave us a way to extract oil from the earth, uncover a new source of power, and began the Industrial Revolution. By extracting oil, scientists invented machines to make power from the oil. The new Steam Engine made it cheaper to produce power which was used to power cars, heaters, and locomotives. The Steam Engine also led the way for other inventions in the Industrial Revolution. These reasons are why the Steam Engine is one of the most important inventions ever.
When the Steam Engine was used to extract oil from the earth, it led to the Gasoline Engine which was even stronger than the Steam Engine. Although the Steam Engine was not as powerful as the Gasoline Engine, it sure was cleaner. Before the Steam Engine, people couldn’t even get any oil out of the ground. The Steam Engine was used in the first oil derrick to push a piston down in the ground and back up with the oil. The Steam Engine was very useful when it came to extracting oil.
The Steam Engine made producing power even cheaper than before. When railroad companies needed power to move their locomotives they used Steam Engines. When families needed power to heat up a heater they preferred the Steam Engine. Did you know, the very first car ran on a steam engine? The Steam Engine was really cheap and easy to handle because it ran on heated water and steam.
The Steam Engine was the kick starter to the Industrial Revolution, which was an era where many people became inventors and took a shot at inventing something new that everyone would buy. Many people created cool inventions that would be worth buying. Some great inventions were improvements to the railroad, the spinning and textile machine, and the introduction of canals. Many, many, many other inventions were created during the Industrial Revolution. The Steam Engine started a great time in human history.
One of the most important inventions ever to be made is the Steam Engine. It gave ways to extract oil from the ground, and lead to the Gasoline Engine. Steam Engine also uncovered a new way to produce cheap, efficient power. It led the way for many other inventions during the Industrial Revolution. That is why the Steam Engine is the most important invention ever made.

My Declaration of Independence

(This is a paper I wrote a long time ago. Its purpose was to show us what the Declaration of Independence meant for the United States.)

A Declaration of Independence

For more than two years, the independent students of Northwestern Middle School have been under the peaceful authority of the Administration of Northwestern. This authority has been set in place since us as students were received by this institution years ago. The Administration must do what is needed for us as student body, putting in place certain rules and guidelines for the safety and best interest of education. They must give us policies in order ensure that we do not abuse freedom and harm our own education, yet they must also give us the freedom that must be present in order to practice and perfect adult logic and self-control that is necessary to be successful in life, in addition to non-academic time which should be used to learn about things other than math, science, or language. We as students deserve the right to the three fundamental principles: Liberty, happiness, and free weekends; rights which do the most good to benefit us and the more important education of decision making.

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