X-Mas Gifts

Well, it’s finally here and it’s going to be better than ever before because this year I’m getting some really cool stuff! First I ask for a Historical Atlas specifically with lots of color. Second I ask for some headphones since my other one stopped working. Third and finally I ask for the Orange Box an online package bought through Steam, an online program were you can play games through it. The Orange Box has five games in it, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 : Episode 1, and last but not least Half Life 2 : Episode 2. Out of these five games the one I want thee most is Team Fortress 2, in this game you can battle, find weapons and hats, and scrap and craft new better weapons. I can’t wait ’till Christmas!

This is the Pyro one of nine classes in the game Team Fortress 2.

The Wrapped Box


Team Fortress 2 is included in the Orange Box.

Everybody knows that it is Christmas time, and what a better time to buy Christmas than the Steam Holiday Sale? This year, with our own money, we (my brothers and I) bought the Orange Box. It is a game package including all of Half-Life 2, Team Fortrees 2, and Portal. I was so excited when I found out that I would be getting my favorites games in the world for Christmas. I have finished downloading and installing both Team Fortress 2 and Portal, and am anticipating tomorrow when I will play them. If any of you readers wants to play with me, my Steam ID is Boregano. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Dark Life

Dark Life

This morning I finished the book called Dark Life. The world is slowly collapsing into the water and some people are moving underwater. There homes are built so you enter on the bottom, so the water doesn’t come in. Like pushing a bucket upside down underwater for example. When they go out side they breathe in these packs called liquigen packs. It fills up there lungs with this liquid oxygen so they can breathe underwater for awhile without air. The main character is Ty and he find this girl on a drowned sub while hiding from sharks. The girls name is Gemma and she came down subsea to search for her brother that disappeared. Oh and before I forget. The land part on the world is Topside and the underwater part in subsea, the people that live subsea are called Dark Life and the ones on land Topsiders. The bad guys down subsea are called outlaws. They steal food from the homesteads and murder people. The worst outlaws gang is called the Seablite Gang. There leader, Shade. He is the worst outlaw ever. He is albino. His skin is solid white, so are his eyes. Well that is only what they think. Next, there is Doc. Real name, Doctor Kunze. He is the only doctor in the territory they live in. He can’t even preform a surgery. Wait, Back to Ty and Gemma. Ty hates the hospital. When he was young he found out that he could make this clicking noise and see stuff around him without opening his eyes. Its called a Dark Gift. They brought him topside and into a hospital. They ran scans and all, but Ty got annoyed and said he couldn’t do it anymore. They let let him out of the hospital, but he could still do it. Gemma, she came looking for her brother. She didn’t have much luck. Her brother turns out to be someone very unexpected. This is what I thought of the book. I love the book. The characters are great. The story is great. Could have a better ending but other then that its great! I think you should really get this book.

Giving Tree

Since I am a student counsel member I was responsible for get people to know about the Giving Tree were kids donate money for families who don’t have the money for a nice holiday. I was chosen to do Tuesday and Friday duties, Tuesday¬† at the 4th and 5th grade hallway, and Friday at the 2nd and 3rd grade hallway. On Tuesday my two partner who were suppose to help me never show up, but I still collected the most money. On Friday when I show up one of my partners, Sean, was already there, after some time my other partner show up, too. Mrs. Guerin brought down some holiday CDs and we played them on a CD player in the room next to us. On that day I think we also collected the most money, too. Over that whole week we collected as a group around 800 dollars!


My friend has recently finished writing a three hundred page book called Dragonia. It follows the fantasy story template, with some cool twists along the way. For a book written by a thirteen year old, it’s amazing. It’s awesome by any standards, actually. It’s about some girl who doesn’t know were she came from and changes the world and stuff. It has magic and all that. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you see it on a bookstore shelf, so watch out in the future for it. And since the version I’m reading is a rough draft the one you read will be a lot better.


A few weeks ago we started to practice playing keyboards at our school. I am super far in the keyboard book. The beginner songs only use the small black keys, but now I am using the white keys. I get the hang of the songs really fast. I am already on page thirty-five or something like that. They started the keyboard lessons because the ran out of money to do band and orchestra. They already had the keyboards though. I wanted to play the violin but they ran out of money, but I still love keyboards. Catch up with you later,



Chips, Soda, and Games

Yesterday my dad had to go to his office in the afternoon so we came along. He told us earlier that week that they got an XBOX 360 and a bunch of games with it. So when we got there we immediately start to play it, first we played some Halo Reach, after that we play Left 4 Dead. Then we tried Call of Duty : World at War, but we didn’t like it so we played some more Left 4 Dead. At my dad’s office there’s a soda and snack machine, the soda is free! I got a pink lemonade sprite mix, a bag of barbecue chips, and a pack of Oreos. After we left to go home we stopped by Panda Express and got something to bring home! Yesterday was a really great day.


Whenever I wake up in the morning I’m always either woken up by my mom or I wander downstairs, and almost every morning I have coffee. I just love coffee and the taste of it. It’s enjoyable in the morning when you are lying in bed and having a hard time getting up. The whip cream on top makes it really good. I just enjoy it because it’s a drink you have when you’re cold or tired. It’s kind of like when you drink hot chocolate on a snowy day. But with coffee it works best on a rainy day. I like coffee.

Office Space

Yesterday we went to my dad’s work. There are six people in his cube including him. They decided to get an Xbox360 and a super big TV instead of going to a Christmas party. They had a lot of games Halo Reach, Left4Dead, Call of Duty World at War, Halo 3, etc. We played some Halo Reach and Call of Duty but those didn’t have good controls. Really I guess it was because we don’t have a Xbox360 but whatever. We played tons of Left 4 Dead. I am one of three kids and there was only two player co-op so we had to take turns this is the order we were in. Me and Connor, Me and Alexander, and Connor and Alexander. We had a lot of fun there and it felt like we stayed there till 9:00 because it was so dark but then when we got in the car it said it was only 6:30! We went and got some Panda Express and I usually never finish but this time I was so hungry I ate it all! That’s it for that week see you next week in Just a Moment…

Left 4 Dead

Th Characters from Left 4 Dead