Civ IV Mods

Lately I have been really into this strategy game called Civilization Four and a couple days ago I found out how to make my own levels and maps! I got kind of good at it and I will continue to practice making them. To me it’s tons of fun to do. I have this book of ancient maps my dad gave me that helps make my maps and levels in the game historically correct. So far I have only made a couple ones that are playable, but soon I will make large ones that I might even put online for people to download!


This year my family celebrated Thanksgiving again. Well, I’d hope so, because there isn’t a reason not to. It was a really nice Thanksgiving too. There was lots of delicious food. My mom cooked up some turkey (obviously), some corn salad, some green bean casserole, some stuffing, some mashed potatoes, and some cranberry sauce. We also had rolls. After we ran out of Sparkling Apple Cider we decided to put some apple juice into our soda maker. It worked. So, there’s that. We also got to play some games. We played three games of 500 Rum, and I won twice in a row. My dad siad my chair was responsible, but I think I was just lucky. I hope that Christmas will be as good as Thanksgiving.

Worms 4 Mayhem

A couple days ago I got a game call Worms 4 Mayhem. Its a really cool game. Its turn based so you might want to do something and the enemy prevents it. I already beat the game. Its crazy the levels are so hard and I passed them like that!  The game was made after Worm 3D the first Worm game in 3D. I hope they make another game. There is also things called challenges where you have to snipe targets or use your jet pack to collect crates. This game is really cool and I think you should get it too. Thats all bye.

Student Council

Recently at school I have been included in Student Council. We have meetings and discussed certain things about our school. Student Council is in charge of all the fundraisers and after school events that aren’t related to any clubs. We also discuss problems with the school, like people going to _____ and doing ____. I like being on it because I know that if there is a problem in the school that I see or an idea that I have to make the school better I can always tell it at Student Council and everyone will hear it. But I have saved the best part for last. Sometimes we get doughnuts.

Book Fairy

Last week was the book fair, and my mom and dad said if I wright down the books I want they will buy them for me on Friday when they came in for Nicholas and I turkey feast. I wrote down three books, Big Nate Strikes Again, Pop Culture by the Numbers, and Heroes’ guide to Warriors. I choose these books because they all look interesting. For the Big Nate book, I wanted it because I read the previous book to that series. Big Nate was originally a cartoon-comic but the author made it a book. For the Pop Culture by the Numbers book, I wanted it because I is a big book of facts that have to do with numbers. And finally for the Heroes’ Guide to Warriors book, I wanted it because it is a large picture book with a ton of facts and description about different warriors. The warriors in the book that they talk most about were Greek Phalanx, Roman Gladiators, Japanese Samurai, and European Knights. I learned a lot of stuff about each of them, like did you know that Samurai were not allowed to do secret missions for their Shogun, so the Shogun hired a separate group of highly trained warriors taught in the ways of Ninjutsu or the art of the Ninja warrior to do stealthy missions. These men were called Ninja. I also learned a lot about the other warriors too. These are really cool books that I will read over and over again.

Oggie Cooder

Remember the book fair I told you about well this is a book I got from there. It’s called Oggie Cooder Party Animal. The book  before this one was good it was only called Oggie Cooder because it was the first book. It was about about him going on a show called hidden talents where he charved Texas. Charving is a mix between chewing and carving. This book is about him get invited to a party where there is going to be a jugging bear and a pool. Then when he gets there something bad happens. I don’t want to ruin the book anymore so buy it or check it out in your library to hear the rest. See ya.

Gyros… Yummmm!

Last night my family and I went out to eat at a restaurant named Athens’s Restaurant, it was so delicious. We got to eat this meal called a Gyros, which in Greek means “round”. What it basically was was a flat tortilla with a lot of good vegetables and lamb meat on top. It also came with some cucumber yogurt sauce with it but I couldn’t have it because it was made with milk. There also was a big map of Greece next to the entrance, so that’s the first thing you see when you walk in. I loved the map, it had all the Greek counties and cities on it. The food there was so good it might have become the best food I have ever tasted!

3rd Grade Musical

This week I went to see the 3rd grade musical. It is kind of funny because I did it last year. My brother did it two years ago and it was a exact copy of is 3rd grade musical because every year they do My musical, my brothers, My musical, exc. Since it was a copy of my brothers musical there was song I didn’t do. There was some new songs that my brother didn’t do either. This is a difference between that musical and mine in a song they used kazoos and we didn’t. Well enough about musicals. I’ll be back with another story to tell next week.

Spanish Project

Este semana tengo tarea de clase de Español. Yo tener de hago una programa de noticias para el unidad de tiempo y deportes. Mi asociados Greg y Nathan están ayudando me la hago. Yo acabo de ir a la casa de Nathan, y mañana ellos están van a mi casa. Nosotros estamos filmando la programa y estamos jugandola en lunes.

(This week I have homework in Spanish class. I have to do a news program for the unit of weather and sports. My partner Greg and Nathan are helping me do it. I just went to Nathan’s house, and tomorrow they are going to my house. We are filming the program and we are playing it on Monday.)

So, yeah. That is what’s happening. I wanted to write it in Spanish so you guys could see how my learning of the language is coming along. I hope one day I’ll be able to speak it fluently.