A Strange Idea

The behavior of the water is very similar to the storm on planet Jupiter.

One day when I was outside helping clean the cars, I had an idea. While my brother was washing the tires with soap, all the soapy water ran down the driveway and into the curb/gutter. While I was watching the water I noticed that the soapy water going around a leaf created a pattern not unlike the one on Jupiter. It was caused by coming around the leaf in two different directions and colliding, causing it to spin. It’s just a thought, but maybe there might be an object on Jupiter (Or more like floating in the atmosphere.) that’s causing this to happen. Probably not… but not a bad idea, right?


I can’t believe it, Halloween is tomorrow and I’m going to get tons of candy! I haven’t bought anything at the store so I am just going to be a pirate. Using a vest with a skull on it, a red t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a bandanna. Last year I was a secret agent I made the costume myself.  The part that went on my head was pretty uncomfortable. Are neighborhood has TONS of houses so we usually don’t make it around to whole neighborhood but this time I plan to. I like Halloween tons and I am sure you do to! Well thats all bye!

Boo! Trick or Treat.

Tomorrow is Halloween, I can’t believe it! I predict I’m going to get loads of candy, I really hope that prediction comes true. I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I’m going to be a Desert Nomad with the turban and rags on. I might carry a  sack that could double as a candy bag. Last year I was a Western Bandit, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit. For the passed year we have been making our own costumes and that is pretty cool. My mom bought some candy and spider webs to put up, My dad usually stays at the house, puts up a black light and turns on some music as he sits there to hand out candy. This year my mom said she might do that and my dad comes with, either way this is going to be an awesome Halloween Night!

Changing the World

A few of years ago my dad came home with this game called Europa Universalis III, I asked what kind of game it was and he said it was a very complex strategy game. The box looked confusing and I thought I wouldn’t like it because of all the rules. He said maybe in a couple of years I would actually understand how to play it and I might try it. He was right, a few years later he said that I should try it out to see if I would be interested in playing it. I love it, it’s one of the coolest game I have ever played in my life. I love so much because of three things, the first thing is that before you start you start the game you can choose the exact day, month, and year you game starts at. The second thing is that there is thousands of civilizations to choose from and the ?civilizations change on the preview map that you can choose from when you change the date. And finally the third thing is that you can totally change history, If you’re France and you don’t help America in the American Revolution maybe America will seize to exist. The only down sides to the  game is that the date can only go up to about 1786 and when it reaches that point the game ends. And you only can start the game at about 1454. Out of five stars I would give this game a five, I don’t care too much about when the game can start and stop! Other than that the game is really great.

Plans Foiled Again!

A few days ago my brother finished the Rubix cube before me! I was going the finish the Rubix cube before him but he was taking lesson from his teacher and friends. I was learning it from online and my way was harder, so it wasn’t fair. I haven’t found out how to do the Rubix cube yet so now I am taking lessons from my brother. I think I am going to finish it sometime, but I am starting to lose interest in it right now. I am going to get a 2×2 Rubix cube and see if I can solve that first, and then I might move on to a 3×3 aka regular Rubix cube. If I get my 2×2 Rubix cube I will check back for progress.

Rubik’s Cube

I am so happy. Why? Because I have learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. It wasn’t that hard. Basically it all started because my math teacher, Mrs. Wylie, decided that she was going to teach everyone how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. We’ve only had one so far, but I decided that I would learn it at my own pace, so I got a friend to teach it to me. He taught me one step every couple of days, so I had some time to practice. I finally did it. Now I can teach my brothers how to do it, too.


There is this really cool game called Battleforge. The game is free but to get new cards you need battlepoints and those cost real money. The main menu is called the forge and you can’t only change settings but you can set up tons of battles. You either make men change to the enemy team on the main menu and battle your men that you placed or you can click on the enemy screen in the corner and click one of the enemy buttons there are six enemy for each type and there are three types. That is only the main menu the game is way better there is tons of levels I haven’t even finished all of them yet. I have tons of cards. One really cool thing is that you can sell cards for battlepoints

That must of hurt!

but you won’t have much luck sell cards that you start with because everyone has those. I don’t want to spoil it so here is the link to download it. Bye!

Rock Eagle

Four days ago I went on a 5th grade trip to Rock Eagle. I was so awesome, we hiked, did some cool group activities, and got to hold different non-venomous snake and learn about them. My favorite was the snakes because some of them felt scaly and others felt real smooth, the snake were also really awesome because they slithered all over you and stuck there small tongues out and hissed. The was great because we got to go up to the Rock Eagle and look at it from the top of a tower. When we all went to the campfire the head guy there said “Does anyone know which Native American Tribe live here before the English came?” and I guessed correctly, the Creek. Then they did some funny skits, then some lame ones and had smores. At bedtime in my dorm my friends and we told ghost stories and had a hard time falling asleep. When we got up in the morning we had breakfast (did I mention the food there was great) and did one more activity. After that we had lunch, got on the bus and headed home. I hope you can get a chance to spend the night at Rock Eagle.

Me holding a Hog-Nose Corn Snake.


A few weeks ago my class had a science test. I finished a few minutes early so I wanted to talk with my friend, but since people were still taking the test I couldn’t, so we wrote sentences down on a piece of paper instead of talking. And for absolutely no reason I drew a picture of a mushroom. Then I showed it to him; he thought I was pretty cool, but then I had a great idea to make to stick-people cutting it down with an axe. He thought that was really cool, too. Then we started coming up with other great ideas like that these tiny stick-people, or Shroomanians, live in a park or backyard, and they cut down mushrooms for food, and dug out these tunnels to find minerals and gems. I started to brainstorm at home to and when I went to school the next day I draw these awesome drawing of little stick-guys. A ton of people loved my idea and soon everyone in the fifth grade knew of  them. Soon it went away but a few of us like Robert, Micheal, Ben, Aditya, and I still do it even if we get a bit off topic, like drawing some roller-coasters, or a mainly mining theme.

One of my Pictures