Europa Universalis III

There is a really cool game called Europa Universalis III. I love the game. Its kind of complex but once you do the tutorial the games super fun. I think the best part of the game is that it repeats history so the American Revolution comes and France Helps and stuff. The cool thing is that you can change history so you attack France and they don’t help the Americans and England wins so the U.S.A won’t exist. You really should get the game. It might take some getting used to but after that I think its the best game ever! Bye!

Magical Trevor!

On day I was surfing the web and I came across a video that looked funny so I played it. It was so funny and really cute, it’s about a little magician named Trevor who makes a cow disappear. Later I found out there were three more Magical Trevors so I check them out to, and they were just as funny. One really cute thing about Trevor is he were like Pajamas and a Magician’s Hat. If you want to see them click on one of the links below. Warning all song loop so you might get annoyed.

Magical Trevor

Magical Trevor 2

Magical Trevor 3

Magical Trevor 4

Garry’s Mod

Sometimes you just gotta let your inner feelings come out, y'know?

I have recently been playing a game with my brothers called Garry’s Mod. It’s a sandbox game made by one of the main people at Valve, the developer who makes Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, and Portal. Basically, you just take the assets from these games and play around with them. There’s a lot of crazy fun things you can do with it. On my first time, I joined my brothers and we made some flying couches using a hover-ball tool that lets you attach these hover-balls to certain objects. After that we placed some bad guys and had a little fire-fight. Soon after we discovered that you can place rockets on the cars to make them fly. There is so many weird things you can do. One of my favorites is posing ragdolls, and giving them weird faces. I love this game because it doesn’t pressure you into doing anything. You don’t think, “Oh, I have to build,” or, “Mm, I should set up a battle,” without your own imagination. You can’t really run out of things to do.


Sometimes free, online games are really cheesy and not worth five seconds. Sometimes they’re pretty good, and you can spend hours playing just to get a high score. But rarely do you play a free online game and have the urge to pay the developer money just you want to reward them for making such an awesome game. Minecraft is a game about blocks. Like a child puts toy blocks together, im Minecraft you can build castles and mountains, not to mention a wide variety of square houses. Exploring caves cutting trees are just some of the activities you can do in Minecraft. You should try it now.

Can’t wait!

I don't think that is North Korean

I can’t wait for one  game in particular, and it’s called Crysis 2. I love the first game. If you look at my article before it is in my top ten list. I have a screen shot of the first game in my article before and a screen shot of the second  one here too. In a PCGamer it said the game would have new enemies, and there are 2 main modes and 2 secondary modes instead of 4 main modes and no secondary modes. I just can’t wait! see you next time!

Top Ten Games

Screenshot from BF2

Screenshot from BF2

These are my top ten favorite games. I have a top tenlist for PC and Gamecube.

PC games

1: Halo 2

2: Halo

3: Farcry 2

4: Crysis

5: Crysis Warhead

6: Anno 1404

7: Command and conquer zero hour

Screenshot from Crysis

8: Command and conquer generals

9: BattleField 2

10: Codename: Panzer

Gamecube games

1: Sonic adventure 2

2: Paper mario

3: Kirby air rider

4: Pikmin 2

5: Needforspeed most wanted

6: Tak the great juju challenge

7: Tak and the power of juju

8: Tak 2 and the staff of dreams

9: Ty the tasmanian tiger 3 night of the quinkan

10: Mario 64

If you like one to plz comment. Bye.

Murder On a Train

On Saturday I watch a movie that would soon be may favorite, Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express. It’s a Murder Mystery by Agatha Christie made in to a movie for the second time. I like it so much because It’s very Mystery like and had me think who it was the murdered Mr. Ratchett. And at the end you think you would have never guessed who it was.

I would recommend watching the movie or reading the book its up to you, and I would be surprised to see you not enjoying it as I have.

The Pyramid of Red

It finally came, my book from Amazon called The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (my favorite Author)! I have only read a few chapter and it am already intrigued. Its about two brother and sister that meet all these different Egyptian gods from mythology. I don’t want to tell you the whole thing because its its fairly new and you might want to read it sometime. So far I love the book and its characters. The book is in the second person so that gives it a twist. I will write another article when I’m done reading it.

Break of Reality

Today during orchestra weall got together and walked across the sreet to Milton High School. The occasion? We were to observe a workshop for the Milton Chamber orchestra by a four man ensemble called Break of Reality. They are a group of guys from a classical conservatory that decided to try playing alternative rock on their cellos and bongo. You should really check ‘em out. There are three cellos and one bongo, and they actually came to Milton to teach the chamber orchestra some things. We got to watch. I was awesome seeing them play their own really neat songs. They also helped the orchestra learn one of the songs they play, Circles. It was cool to see that these people, who are not so different than us, are traveling the country playing awesome songs, doing what they love. They were really neat, and I think you’ll like them, too.

Civil War

Am in fivth grade this year and in my most favorite class, Social Studies, we are learning about the Civil War. I am really excited about it because I LOVE history and am actually pretty good at it, too. One thing I like about history is the maps, maps have always fascinated me. And I just love looking at maps so much sometimes I just look to find all the little city and streets connecting to each other. The only kind of map I don’t really like are geographical  maps because they don’t show any of the borders, country, cities, and streets. This is map of Civil War.