Switch it!

Today I am going to my friend Gavin’s house, and his older brother is coming to our house to hang out with my older brother Alexander. First we’re going to get in the car and go to there house and I’m going to stay there with Gavin and Duncan is going to come back with Alexander. Me and Gavin might play some games indoor and maybe also outside then when it’s time for dinner which is going to be pizza we’ll have dinner go to bed. When we wake up we will have breakfast and play until my mom comes. We’ll have a great time.

Watch out Maxis!

today I made this creature on Spore. His name is Twitch. He is very very dangerous and not so social. He is a carnivore so he has to eat meat. You can use him at the beginning of creature stage if you use evoadvantage .  If you want to make something like him you need to get the creepy and cute pack. But if you want him you have to build him because i don’t have a share account. that’s all bye!

hes look calm

Favorite Fuds

I decided that today I will create a list of my favorite foods and why. Yup, so… Here it is.


5: Baked Beans

I don’t exactly know why so many people are appetized by the look of baked beans, but nothing beats the taste of baked beans with bacon and B•B•Q sauce. I especially like them sided with mashed potatoes and meat. Yums!

4: Burgers

I think burgers we’re invented by a guy who didn’t care about how messy it was as long as it was yummy. Now that I think about it, it kinda makes sense. Who cares if you have grease on your chin and pickle juice dripping down your arms?! There is no better “American” food then a burger.

3: Lobster

Somewhere in time something wonderful happened. Some fisherman said, “Hey, why don’t we eat these big red craw fish?” And since then we have been nomming on the big red craw fish, licking our chops and saying, “That’s why.”

2: Paprika Stew

The magic is in the sauce. In this Hungarian stew Paprika is used to make a bright red sauce that covers meat and homemade noodles alike. Surprisingly, it’s better the next day, because the sauce has time to soak into the meat. Mmmm!

1: Sushi

… … … Sorry. I lost focus ’cause I looked at that picture. Sushi the the most scrumptious food ever. And don’t get on me about eating raw fish. “It’s bad for you… *Whine, whine, whine!*” It’s full of Omega 3 fatty acids. A nutrient most people don’t get enough of. It’s also just plain delicious.


not my bear but close enough

not my bear but close enough

My stuffed black bear is named blackberry. I got him at a hotel that I can’t remember the name of it so if you know please tell me. he came in a little basket with a ostrich and calender. he was with me the whole time at the hotel and he wanted to come to my home so he came back from the trip with us and I named him blackberry. I even wrote a story about him and now he is still with me. Bye!

I Can See Clearly Now!

Somewhat close to my glasses.

Yesterday I went to get my eye examined so we went to the target Optometrist and she examined and put a drop or two in each eyes which made my pupils really big. She found out my eyes needed glasses so i picked out a cool pair. Then they said to put on the glasses on and, put a red dot were each of of my pupils were. They said I would get them in five to seven workdays. I really don’t want glasses, but I think I can deal with them.

Not really a kids favorite toy…


Pixar has really done it this time. I was just walking through the Target Produce section when I see a toy box. I was going to say something, like, “Sir, you accidentally put toys in the Produce Section.” Then I read the box.  Yeah… Toy Story 3 apples. I wonder what happened in the marketing department that day. The sad thing is is that is is even less convenient than just buying apples. How do you know if they’re bumped or bad? At least put a bonus toy inside or something. Oh well. Apparently Disney now has a brand of produce. Disney Garden carries apples, peaches, grapes, pomegranates, and some vegetables. I guess that they hope they will be more successful than fruit because kids want to eat apples that came out of a woody box. I wonder if they are actually selling.

Despicable Him

Six days ago my family went to the movie theater to watch Despicable Me. It’s about a Evil Villain who has a plan to steal the moon! In order to steal the moon Gru ( the Evil Villain ) must steal a Shrink Ray from his arch rival Vector with three little girls and a ton of robot cookies. I don’t  want to tell you any more you’ll just have to watch the movie. I loved the movie, and my favorite parts were all the parts with the minions in it. I put a picture of one on the left. I was a great movie and I think you will love it, too!

Walk without rhythm…

Dune Scene

Yeah, it's popular.

I just recently finished the book Dune, by Frank Herbert, and if you have any sense in you will go to your library now and get this book off the shelves. You will not be able to put it down. Dune is a story about a special boy named Paul Atreides who is the son of a powerful Duke Leto Atreides and destined to take his place. His life is turned upside down when his father is given a fief of the dune planet Arrakis, and has to move there from his home paradise of Caladan. When his father is murdered, he and his mother flee to the desert and live with the Fremen, a rough desert people who believe Paul to be a messiah, Lisan Al-Gaib. After becoming one with the Fremen and changing his name to Paul-Muad’Dib, Paul takes responsibility of the task of freeing Arrakis from the Harkonnen and the Empire, who care little for the people and only stay for the intense profit Melange (An orange spice found only on Arrakis.) gives them. I really like this book because of its atmosphere. It’s in the distant future, far far away, but it still feels like a medieval  time-period. It’s a mix of times. They use shields, spaceships, and lasguns, yet they live in castles, use swords, and have kings. It’s very interesting. I love Dune and I truly think you will, too

Fly Guy!

The first chapter book I ever read

Super FlyGuy part of the FlyGuy series was the first chapter book I ever read. I think there are the best books ever. they come out with a new FlyGuy book every year! I can’t wait to read the next one! But I have every single book expect for one! the one that came out this year. But I know I will get it soon. Oh I forgot to tell you what the book is like. well it starts out as a boy  named buzz then he runs in to a fly and catches it. he try to enter it in a talent show but the judges won’t let him. to find out the rest get it and read it! Bye!