Cherry Pie

My number one favorite desert or snack in the world is Cherry Pie. I know  your thinking oh it’s just Cherry Pie, but to me it’s a masterpiece with the hard crunchy crust and and the soft, sweet, juicy cherries inside. Yesterday my mom made a big, thick one and ate all of it except one slice. We didn’t even wait for it to cool off we just gobbled it down. My mom said I could have the last piece and now when I finish this article I will go downstairs and eat it.

My favorite fantasy pet

Dragon breathing fire

My favorite fantasy pet is a Dragon. There cool because cause they can fly and breath fire. Another reason I like them is because a lot of my favorite books and movies have dragons in them. I would like it if you left a comment of what your favorite fantasy animal is. I also like a unicorn but there not as cool as dragons they can only fly. They can’t breath fire or growl. Oh I forgot if I had a pet dragon I would name him flame. that’s all bye!

Shark of the Week = Me

On Swim Team there is a reward for being the most improved and trying the hardest. It’s called Shark of the Week and last week I got it and a cool green swim cap with a shark that has “Shark of the Week” in its mouth. I was really excited about it because it was my first time, well maybe my second. But anyway I think I got it because of my Flip-turns I have been working on. I used me Flip-turns at the meet four days ago (which we won) and I think it took a lot of time off my Events!


A few pets.

There is this really awesome game called Wizard101 and if you like magic and action you should play it! If you see a player name Nicholas Redspear ask to be his friend because that’s me! There are different classes Fire, Ice, Life, Death, Balance, Storm, and finally myth. I am a fire level 6 but when you see me I might be higher. Oh I forgot about pets! I have a fire cat name Sir Pebbles. There are the pet you can get with coins. An Imp, Bloodbat, Firecat, Piggle, Unicorn, and a Dragon. There is tons more but that fill this whole page! that all!

Wii Love Convenience

Lots of people have Wiis. Almost everyone you know either has a Wii, played a Wii, or heard about a Wii. Wii games can cost up to $60, and that means they are very precious. You know what would stink, if you accidentally lost or broke these $60 games. Nobody wants to go through the pains of buying a $60 game again. My dad found this really cool and difficult project for me to do one weekend. It’s called Softmodding. Using many resources, primarily Lifehacker, I successfully modified my Wii, so I can now no longer worry about losing or breaking a game.

This is how it works. Basically, The Wii has an identification code reader. Every DVD you buy has a code on it that tells the Wii it is a real, authentic game. If you try to launch a game from, say, a USB Hard Drive, then the code reader reads a code that it already has before. It says, “Wait! This game is a copy!” But if you want to backup your games because you want to keep them safe, you have to circumnavigate this protection. What I did is basically install a custom program that can fake the ID code.

Older Wii systems had a bug on them called the Trucha bug. It allowed you to override one of the Wii’s unused IOSs with one that could fake the codes. (The Wii has many little Operating System modules called IOSs.) Well, there have been many updates since then, and the bug was eradicated. The first thing I had to do was revert the OS to an older version, put the bug back on the system, and restore the OS back to the newer one. This let me continue the process.

After I had restored the bug, I could install the cIOS. (Custom IOS.) Using the program, I made sure the unused IOS was overridden with the new cIOS. This allowed me to finally go for the goal. I then installed the coup de grace, Configurable USB loader. After formatting a hard drive to the FAT32 format and plugging it in to the USB port closer to the rubber feet, (Very important!) I launched CUSB Loader and sat back to enjoy the fact that I wasn’t frustrated anymore. Now I don’t have to worry about breaking or losing a game because I have them backed up on a Portable Hard Drive, and it was just fun doing it.

Football Crazy Summer!

As everybody who is awesome and normal knows, the World Cup has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and there have already been great upsets and excitements this year in the group stage. Who could forget that first game where the USA proved that they weren’t a third rate contender in this Cup, or the tragic self-goal during the Holland – Denmark game. But now the group stage is over, and the real competition begins, already many teams have been eliminated from the running. The USA losing to Ghana, Germany kicking England’s butt, and Mexico losing to the same team they did forty years ago (Argentina), were just three games in a long journey to the finals. Ok, so everybody knows it’s going to be exciting, and one of the fun parts is filling out a bracket to show others how you think the FIFA World Cup will play out this year. I just went to, took their bracket and pasted in the teams I think will win. What kind of tragic losses or epic wins do you think will play out this year? I’m pretty sure mine will be going strong ‘till the end. Go Germany!

Of course I want Germany to win!

Classical Books

Over the Summer I also would love to read some famous classical books such as Hunt For Red October, The Invisible Man, and maybe some of Jules Verne’s. I am currently reading Hunt For Red October and I am really enjoying it. I am planning to read Hunt For Red October, then maybe next I will read The Invisible Man.

Want I Want to Do When I Grow Up

For a very long time I have been interested in History, Languages, Maps, and Coins. So I thought what job could you use Maps, and study History, Languages, and Coins. And then I thought about Archaeology and it turns out that is exactly want I want to be when I grow up, an Archaeologist. I also found out that they go on excavation trip around the world. I have also really wanted to travel a lot.

My granddad is a Archaeologist, so he is kind of my inspiration!

Foreign Coins

Recently I have been interested in foreign coins. I have collected a dozen or so German Marks, a about thirty Euros, and couple Hungarian Forints. I really like coins of all sorts and I will continue to collect them next year, too.

Aaaauuhhh! Why?!

Guess what? All that time I was playing ping-pong, I was playing it the wrong way! (Not the whole thing, just a couple of rules.) Can you believe it? I just found out that all games play to eleven points instead of twenty-one. Big diff? Yeah! Also, you have to toss the ball six inches into the air before striking it on a serve, so I’ll have to learn how to do that, too. I’ll get better though, I know it. I learned how to do it well in a couple of weeks. I can adjust in time. Just make sure that if you’re learning ping-pong, then you get it right.

1. You need to… Ahh… Just go here. Heh, it’s easier then listing all the rules here.