Burj Khalifa – Dubai, U.A.E.

Burj Khalifa at it's Grand Opening

Burj Khalifa

Today I was look around on Wikipedia and I came across a page about something called Burj Khalifa. I started to read about this Burj Khalifa an I found out that this thing was a tall building, a very tall building, in-fact the tallest building in the world.

I suddenly became even more interested in it that I did some research and came out with the fact that Burj Khalifa is 2,717 feet tall ( 1,263 feet taller than the Empire State Building ) and costed about 1.5 billion American dollars ( about 149,590,000,000 more than the Empire State Building ).

You have to admit that is a really cool skyscraper.

Extreme Room Makeover

Sometimes it is nice to change the scene a little. You may get bored of your set up or you may just want something new. I didn’t really get bored of my set up, and I didn’t really want anything new, (except a million dollars!) but I needed something new. In my room I have a really nice, big glass desk from IKEA. On it is my computer setup, two monitors and and Dell Inspiron 530s. Over by my bed is a lamp I use for reading which buzzes a lot, and is annoying. There are two issues here. One, the buzzing light was getting on my nerves, and two, the chair at my desk is a small plastic chair. It didn’t have a neat lumber support and it definitely wasn’t comfortable. So we all moseyed over to IKEA (also where I got my desk.) to look for a nice chair. Eventually we found this one. (See image on right.) The ‘Allack’ is a really nice office chair at only $70. I recommend one. Not only did I score this nice chair, but I got bonus points, for when we were at IKEA we found two cheap lamps that are loads better than my old buzzing one. So, in a quick summary of all the things I said, my room increased its comfort tenfold in a day. Hurray for IKEA! Don’t you just love that place?


Gameplay Shot

Game-play shot

Hi everyone, I want to tell you about this game called Battalion Wars 2. I think its the best game ever but now I’m going to see if you like it too. First, there 5 factions Solar Empire, Iron Legion, Xylvania, Anglo Isles, Western Frontier, and Tundran Territories. Next, enemies, allies, and sometimes nothing , (Western Frontier   allies = Tundran Territories   Enemies = Tundran Territories and Xylvania   Nothing = Anglo Isles, Solar Empire, and Iron Legion) (Tundran Territories allies = Western Frontier and Solar Empire   Enemies = Western Frontier and Xylvania   Nothing = Anglo Isles and Iron Legion) (Anglo Isles allies = None   Enemies = Tundran Territories, Solar Empire, and Xylvania   Nothing = Iron Legion) (Solar Empire    allies = Tundran Territories   Enemies =Iron Legion, Anglo Isles, and Xylvania   Nothing = Western Frontier) (Iron Legion    allies = None   Enemies =Solar Empire  Nothing = Western Frontier, Xylvania, Anglo Isles, and Tundran Territories) (Xylvania   allies = None   Enemies =Tundran Territories and Western Frontier   Nothing = Solar Empire, Anglo Isles, and Iron Legion) Last, leave a comment if you like it! Bye!

Ode To Tododile

Tododile, oh, Tododile

How your sharp teeth gnaw

Oh, how would we beat foes so vile

If you we never saw?

Tododile, oh, Tododile

Just how would we hate her

Oh, what would be there for us to smile

If you did not evolve into Feraligatr?

Tododile, oh, Tododile

How you can not sit still

Oh, how would we swim the Nile

Or be effective against Cyndaquil?

Tododile, oh, Tododile

How we love you so

Oh, which celeb with you would we file

Definitely not President Snow!

Pokémon – My Favorite Game




One of my top favorite games I have ever played is Pokémon. Now if you don’t know what Pokémon is it’s a RPG game in which you travel around the region catching and battling your Pokémon. I now currently have to three Pokémon games, Leaf Green, Ruby, and Sapphire. I really want the new Heart Gold version, I might get that for my Birthday. I really want Heart Gold because my three favorite Pokémon can only be caught or in Johto (The main region in Heart Gold). My most favorite Pokémon are Cyndaquil, Ho-Oh, and Dratini. There are also many other different reasons I want Heart Gold, it has a lot of cool Pokémon, and it has a lot better graphics then the other games. I can’t want to see if I can get it!


I have always wanted to make 3d things, but I never thought I’d be making the things I am now. I recently got 3ds Max 2011. It’s an awesome 3d program that is probably the most advanced of all the 3d modeling studios. Since I got it two days ago I’ve been making things from squares to P-50’s. It’s crazy. It’s almost … easy. But it’s probably just because I’ve been doing tutorials and messing with settings. The people over there at Autodesk really know how to make a program that is not only reliable, robust, and complex, but they also know how to make it easy to learn. It takes about 10 minutes to get to know all there tools, and in an hour you are making simple, low-poly models. My recent projects have been and are: (Just a note: I’ve been using Max for about a week.) A cartoonish P-50 Mustang Allied plane from WWII and now I am making a cartoonish 3d character. It’s a whiz of fun. You should try it.


This is what I think it looks like!

On August 1, 2010 I saw a snake at school. I only saw its head so I don’t exactly know what it  looks like. I drew a picture(right) of what I think it looks like.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that my friend told me so I didn’t find it my self. Except the weird thing is that it was in a tree! The teachers didn’t want us near it so I took a little peek at it and walked away.

That’s all I had to tell you about the snake. Bye!

Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Fall

Two days ago my family and I took an hour trip up north to Amicalola Falls State Park. I haven’t been there for a very long time so I didn’t remember much about the last trip, but seeing the falls reminded me all about it.

When we got there we drove all the way to the top and hiked up some more to the lodge. The lodge was very nice, plus there was a presentation of some really neat birds of Georgia.

After we left the lodge we walked to the fitness trail. On the fitness you can, if you want, stop at the fitness station and test you abilities. At the end of the fitness trail we went over to these stairs down to a bridge above the falls. I was so amazed by the sight, it was just so beautiful.

I really enjoyed Amicalola Falls!

Koi Pond Diorama


The Koi Pond Diorama I created.

At school I got a science project, in which we had to create an ecosystem. Since I love Japan I thought I could do a Koi Pond.

I also had to get an index card and write some information on it. I wrote some basic information on the card like the plants and animals that live there. I also wrote were the name of the habitat came from, Koi Pond came from the great amount of Koi that live in the pond. And last but not least on the card I wrote the basic things it needs to survive. I wrote water, soil, rocks, sunlight, and oxygen.

Making the diorama was also really fun. I used all kinds of materials. Overall I loved the science project.

Swim Or Bust

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is swimming. I feel calm in the water. I guess it could be genetic. My dad was a swimmer and water polo player. I swim pretty well, I think. I was in swim class from about 4 until 8 and then in swim team from then until now.

Swim meets are fun and mayhem at the same time. You get to be with your friends and swim, too. Swim team is a commitment but if you put enough time into it then you will have fun. I love the summer because there is no school, but I also love it because of swim team.

This summer I will be in the 13 and up age group. this means I’ll be one of the younger swimmers. It will be challenging, but I like to challenge myself when it comes to swimming. I’m always trying to improve my strokes. There is always something you can do better. When swimming freestyle, you always need to cup your hands, in breaststroke you need to kick real hard, etc. The one stroke I cannot do real well is butterfly. I need to ask my dad for help on that. He’s really good at butterfly.

Swimming is my favorite sport and it will always be my summer pastime. The only things you need for swimming is a pool, swim trunks, and maybe goggles. You can’t beat a sport where you are constantly being refreshed while you play it. You don’t sweat, either. The only con is that you have to know how to swim. You won’t go fast if you can’t go at all.