Hi everyone, on March 27-28 I went to a mythology birthday/sleepover. We played capture the flag and Nerf wars.

On capture the flag I was yellow team with two friends and we were against the red team That had 3 other friends. Yellow team had front yard, red backyard/creek. Yellow team sort of won.

On Nerf wars we were split up into Trojans and Greeks. I was with the Trojans, there leader was Zeus. The Greeks were are enemy, there leader was Achilles. The rest of the people were soldiers. Soldiers took five shots to kill, Achilles took ten shots (+1 in the heel) to kill. Zeus took fourteen shots to kill. When Achilles run at you he takes half damage when he is running away he takes no damage.when Zeus lifts up his sword he is invincible. We sort of won again.

What’s really cool is that we stayed up till 1A.M. Well that’s all I had to tell about the Birthday/Sleepover. Bye!

Habitat 67

The Habitat67 Building

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I am still fascinated with this building. Check it out on the office website here or read more about it on wikipedia. I am sure it might be crammed to live in it, but it just starts my brain juices flowing.

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Habitat 67 Panorama

Habitat 67 Panorama

Good Morning?

In my book, food should be fun and entertainment. So when a fun food turns the corner, it catches my attention. You may settle with eating ice cream out of the pointy end of the cone, but I prefer more extremely awesome food entertainment. This morning for breakfast, we had screamers. Well, they’re actually called sausages, but my family calls them screamers because when you put them in the pan full of hot oil, after a short while they start screaming. In a sense, of course. It’s more like eeeeeeee-ing. Those screamers never get old. Also in a book, not mine, by the way, is the story of a little creature called a hobbit. The book is called The Hobbit. Hmm… The name seems to make sense. Anyway, this morning I just finished the Hobbit audio book, which I had on my MP3 player. I sure am glad that Smaug was brought to his deserved end. Now that I have finished it, I am in to the whole Tolkien thingamajig, and have decided to start the Similarion, the other Tolkien audio book I possess. I hope it will be as good as the Hobbit. It sure will be longer though, as it is the unabridged version. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of it when I finish. (in three years! :D ) Have a good day and don’t fall in any holes.



This is what the four main Japanese islands look like.

If I could go to one place in the world right this minute, it would be Japan. I love everything about it including the food, language, and even the way you spell it. I especially love the way the open fields of grass with a few cherry trees look in a sunset. I really wish someday I could take a trip to Japan and eat some great asian food and gaze at the beautiful Japanese landscape.

BirthDay Time!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday dear me!!!!!! Happy Birthday to me!  It’s my birthday sort of(March 9 is my real birthday).You know what I want for my birthday, a New bike! I love biking. Especially around the neighborhood. Expect sometimes I get sunburns and those hurt! Bye and please wish me a happy birthday!

I drew This!