Tour De France – Kraftwerk

Tour De France is a song created by Kraftwerk (a German band who mostly composes techno songs). It is my favorite Kraftwerk song and 3rd favorite song of all time. I really enjoy this song because of the beat, it’s made by Kraftwerk, and the fact that it sounds like your riding real fast on a bicycle. In fact, I think it would be cool to listen to this song while riding your bike real fast.

If you want to listen to the song  just click on the link below. If your browser goes into download mode instead of presenting you with an online player bar, you might want to download the free QuickTime player/plug-in for you browser from here.

03 – Kraftwerk – Tour De France

Daniel Boone Paper!


I drew this picture of D. Boone.

Hi I’m Nicholas, Nick for short. I’m in third grade. I wrote this paper about Daniel Boone for my famous American project. I also made a poster but I forgot to take a picture of it but I took a picture of Daniel. He is over there on the right if you didn’t notice him. So as I was saying, I wrote for my famous American project. You choose a famous American and make a poster and a paper about the person.  Now I’m going to show you my paper.

Daniel Boone

by Nicholas Kreitz

Hi my name is Nicholas Kreitz and I am going to tell you about Daniel
Boone. First you should know these facts. He was a great hunter, explorer, and hero. Now I shall tell you about him.

On November 2,1734 Daniel was born in Sarah and Squire Boone’s farmhouse. They were part of this thing called Quaker. They believed in living simply and peacefully.

The Boones grew corn, tobacco, and vegetables on their farm. But Daniel didn’t like farming. He didn’t like staying put either. He would rather wander in the woods.

Daniel got his first hunting rifle when he was twelve or thirteen. He was happy to help his family by hunting animals or game, such as wild turkey and deer.

In early September 1775, Daniel rode into Kentucky with his wife and seven children. Daniel’s men had named the Kentucky settlement Boonesborough in his honor.

In August, settlers in Kentucky learned about the Revolutionary War. The United States was fighting for its freedom from Great Britain. Daniel knew that U.S. soldiers who guarded the settlement would leave to to fight the war. Who would protect the settlers?

Daniel and twenty-two settlers decided to guard Boonesborough themselves. Daniel became captain of the Boonesborough Fort.

On April 24, 1777, some Shawnees shot one of the settlers. Captain Boone and his soldiers fired back. A bullet struck Daniel’s ankle, smashing the bone. He could not walk for several weeks.

After the Shawnees retreated Daniel and his men were safe.

Thats all I had to tell you about Daniel Boone.


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