What celebrities got for Christmas!!!

Paris Hilton- a new country named after her pet dog.

Kanye West- a “I hate you and wish you a very stinky Christmas” card from Taylor Swift. oh and a new pair of studder shades

Miley Cyrus- shorter shorts (if thats even possible)

Tiger Woods- new paint for his so called “damaged” car. And a new- harder- golf club for his wife.

Brittany Spears- A wig. And a gift card for some more plastic surgery.

Anjelina Jolie- Lip Gloss.

Lindsey Lohan- More Rehab!!!

Rihanna- Band Aids from Chris Brown

Justin Timberlake- a new pair of Speedos!

Lady GaGa- a life in a box- but she dropped it on the way to an umbrella store where she gets her crazy outfits from.

Brad Pitt- Deodorant

Jon Gosslyn- a restraining order from Kate

if you can think of anymore, post a comment below.

~Annelise :D DDD

(no rude pix, please : staff)