Quiz Bowl Reflections

“We went and we left, but we had fun. And cookies. Lots of cookies.”

After hard months of training and practicing (Not to mention having fun.), the NMS Quiz Bowl “Club”, as some would call it, took an exhausting trip to south Atlanta, where the 2009 Fulton County Academic Bowl Competitions were being held. After a long day of reflex exercises and brain strains, the group took another long trip home to celebrate their good time at the annual event. Be it frustration, excitement, pondering, or just plain silliness, the NMS Quiz Bowl Team had a great time, and we are hoping to do it again next year, although without our good friend, Pranav, who will be moving to 9th grade.

(From top left:) Harrison Lee, Jessica Shamis, Alex Kreitz, Mike Bu, Pranav Manem. (Bottom row from left:) Ryan Salmon, Agni Kumar, Phillip Nickerson.

Before we go into detail, let’s meet the team.  (I’m referencing the photo on the left.) On the top right is Harrison Lee, our math guy and sports fanatic. To the right of him is Jessica Shamis, a real team player who kept up the motivation. Top center goes to me, the random fact guy and mythology extraordinaire. Next to me is Mike Bu, the man with the plan. To his right is our only 8th grader, Pranav Manem. He’s our main math whiz, not to mention having a large history vocabulary. Bottom left is my friend Ryan Salmon, the kid with the reflexes and brains that make a perfect team player. Bottom center goes to one of our two 6th graders. Agni Kumar, who is in 9th grade math, by the way, is our Social Studies, Science, and math joker card. Last, but definitely not least, is Phillip Nickerson, a kid with a passion for academics and technology.

The car ride to the school was full of excitement. As I stepped out of my car door I was greeted by my friends and fellow Quiz Bowl members. As we waited for others to arrive, we goofed off. We ran around the school building, then found ourselves dancing to disco and Budweiser theme songs on Harrison’s phone. Once everyone arrived, we hopped into the transport cars. Phillip, Jessica, and Agni went in Mr. Nickerson’s sedan while Ryan, Mike, Harrison, Pranav, my dad, and I got in Mrs. Salmon’s Honda Odyssey. We were lucky, as the Odyssey had a built-in movie player. ‘Push’ was neat, but I spent most of my time either eating mini muffins or gazing out the window. Of course, the human body has it’s limits, and we had to stop for a restroom break. Phew! By this time we were half way there (“Ooh! Living on a prayer!” Haha!), so the trip was the same from then on. Once we got there we socialized with Webb Bridge, who, I admit, kicked our behinds. We played some card games, ate some cookies, and the tech guy taught me and Phillip how to use the Toastmaster3000. (And let me tell you, it was some mighty fine toast. Hahaha!)

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Anyways, after the actual competition (Which was pretty lousy since we only won three games, but hey! It was for the fun, not the trophy, although that would have been nice.), we all got in the car and took a ride back to school, where we all made our separate ways. Although the day’s events were only about 5 hours long, I’ll never forget it. Well, it seems that I am running out of time. I have to go to Ryan’s birthday party. Until next time.

This is Alex Kreitz, signing off.